The Two Worlds (Part 4 of 7)

Demons must go further and further away from a person involved with reading or studying the Bible as long as that person believes what they are reading: which is the same as making a decision.

Reading the Bible is like Light.  The more you read, the more light you have.  The more light you have, the less darkness exists around you.  This is the idea behind the parable of the house having been cleansed, which represents a person full of demons having been cleansed of their demons.

Demons do not actually take up residence inside human beings, when they possess a person.  This idea is the fairytale of childish teachers, but demons do camp around you.

Mental telepathy is not transmittable over long distances.  The closer they camp to a person, the greater the influence they will have on the person.  The greater number of demons camping around a person, the more influence they have on the person.  The stronger the demons, the more influence they have on a person.

The Bible and your decision to believe the Bible is your only defensive weapon; which is why the Bible calls itself “a sword”!

(See New Testament Books, Ephesians Chapter 6, verse 11; Romans Chapter 13, verse 12 and Hebrews Chapter 4, verse 12)

Demons cannot be everywhere all the time.  Demons are not like God or the Holy Spirit.  Only God and the Holy Spirit can be everywhere all the time.

It takes time for demons to travel from place to place.  Of course, they can travel much faster than human beings; but it still takes time for demons to travel, and to get from one place to another.  Therefore, demons cannot be everywhere all the time, or in two places at one time.

Demons cannot disclose information to human beings, unless the human being has decided to accept that spiritual connection as either a Godly communication or a communication from the occult world.  God never uses the spiritual world or the occult to communicate to the human race.  This is why He gave us the Bible.

Another way demons can make contact with people is when a person has accepted the evil communication as a natural phenomenon; or that person has decided to contact the occult world knowing they are trying to reach the evil spiritual world.

Yet, most people who get involved in communicating with demons are deceived into their relationships with demons, such as: psychics or people dealing with psychics.  Most of them would run from those demonic relationships if they knew they were actually talking to or dealing with demons.  This is especially true of psychics who work for the police by solving crimes.

Demons use the psychics’ channels to betray the murderers who were used by the same demons to commit those murders.  It is the evil spirits way of getting more people into spiritual hell faster.  Thus guaranteeing the murderer doesn’t have time to repent of their crimes, since they will be executed.

This phenomenon is also used to deceive so-called modern-day prophets, who foretell the future.  People like Nostradamus.

Demons do not know the future.  Only God knows the future, which is included in the Bible.  Demons are very good prognosticators (good at guessing), since they have thousands of years of practice and keeping accurate records about human behavior.

Demons cannot harm a believer. A believer is any person who has made a conscious decision to believe God, Jesus, or the Bible.  This does not include a person who thinks, or says, or believes, they believe in God.  Demons have no power over, on, or against, a person that believes God; but make no mistake: not all people claiming to believe in God actually believe God.

If a person believes lies taught to them by others professing to be working for God, they are already part of the demonic world.  Such people are influenced by the demons to do every type of evil and even kill in the name of God, and even kill themselves in the name of God, but Jesus said a time would come when people will kill in the name of God, but God did not ask them to do so.

Demons must cease influencing a person that has accepted God’s Word (the Bible) either by reading it or by receiving it from a person who truly works for God.  You will know such workers by their words.  Their use of the Scriptures (the Bible) lines up exactly with the Bible, and their lives parallel the lives of either the Apostles or Jesus.  It is not possible for a person to have one foot in the world and one foot in the Bible and be a worker sent by God.

“Study to show yourself an approved worker of God, able to rightly divide the Word of God” and “My sheep know my voice and they do follow me” or “You shall know them by their fruit” but “ if their fruit does not exceed the fruit of the Pharisees, then they are not of God.”

Christians who don’t believe doctrine is extremely important have two feet planted directly in the world, and have strayed far from God.  Yet, they think they believe in God.  The key word is “Think”.  Who is giving them their thoughts?

John the Apostle wrote:

“If you do not stay exactly within the teachings of Jesus, you do not have God, but if you stay exactly within the teachings of Jesus, you have both the Father and the Son.”

To be continued…

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