What is The Underground Bible?

The intention of this book is to remove the clutter produced by so many religious do-gooders, who have intentionally or unintentionally camouflaged the simplicity of the old and new testaments.

In any story told, whether it is cinema, spoken, or a book, it has what is called “the narrative thread”, which runs through the entire story. The job of the narrative thread is to tie all the pieces of the story together. The Bible also has a narrative thread running through it, tying all the various writings together, so the reader can get the fullest understanding from reading the material recorded within its pages.

It is this narrative thread, which has been indecently ignored by some of the greatest so-called Biblical Scholars, and organized Christian Churches on earth… especially the largest mainstream sects.

Although the Bible is a book compiled over many thousands of years by many writers, the narrative thread running through it is the singular idea that there is only one God. The One God who is the only creator of Mankind; and who also created the future for His creation. Therefore, the Bible can also tell us about our future: which is the central reason God produced the written document known as the Bible.

The narrative thread also reveals the coming of a singularly special human being known as the Messiah or the Christ. The Bible winds its way through interesting stories peppered with envy, fear, hatred, and deceit, and is garnished with the sweet taste of God-fearing men and women, chosen to deliver messages to Mankind exactly as their Creator revealed the messages to them.

These message carriers were people known as prophets and prophetesses. God allowed these prophets to communicate directly with His Ambassador called the Lord or the God of Israel, who is not God the Father. The Lord sent these messengers into extremely dangerous conditions. The prophets had the dubious privilege of telling Mankind what to expect in their future, which always resulted in the messengers being beaten, imprisoned, or killed.

These prophets and prophetesses would never have endured such painful benefits for their work, unless their faith in what God told them was based upon hard evidence – evidence that God could be trusted to accomplish the things promised by His prophecies concerning the future; and not evidence based on religious theories, or fairy tales of grandeur. The message they delivered is the Bible, which is the Language of Angels.

One thought on “What is The Underground Bible?

  1. I just finished reading, “For Jews Only”. Wow, what a fantastic teaching. I did not want it to end. Also, after talking with one of my friends who had followed the teachings in “Basic Instinct”, I realized the shock waves that were sent out. She realized for the first time how propagandized our learning has been from childhood. It made her mad to think she had never thought about it before. I too have gleaned from the seeds of wisdom you are passing on. What a gift-giver you are, to be able to bless those who are able to hear and receive what you are teaching.

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