Mankind’s Pursuit of Knowledge (Part 1 of 2)

Mankind’s pursuit of knowledge decreases his instincts through the ages.

1.  As Mankind begins his journey from being an animal (prior to the first sin being committed) to becoming a human being (after the first sin was committed), his knowledge base increases through the millennium.

2.  Each generation has learned from previous generations, continuously gathering knowledge and increasing his understanding of the physical world around him, which has disabled him to find-out about God and the spiritual realm that also exists around him.

3.  This process has created a monstrous problem for the human race.

4.  The problem is that the increase of knowledge, inside the human brain, directly interferes with the God given instructions in our brains known as instinct.

5.  Instinct is pre-programmed to systematically give all life the best chance of survival.

6.  All animals use their instincts to ensure survival.

7.  Animals only take 6 months to a couple of years to teach their offspring to survive.

8.  It now takes society 25 to 30 years to prepare a child for survival, and most don’t make it.

9.  As Man’s knowledge increases, and future generations have to handle more information than their forefathers, their mental capacity to react to outside stimulation diminishes.

10.  This can be seen by observing people ignoring such stimuli as cars threatening their lives as they cross a street.

11.  Most young people today do not take care and totally ignore a vehicle racing toward them, as if it wasn’t there.

12.  Youth are taking more and more chances with daring death or disablement.  We call it a death wish.

This phenomenon called “knowledge” has led the human race down a dangerous path of destruction, and an ever growing number of problems, which are reaching epidemic proportions.

Here are some of the major results of it.

a.  atomic warfare – wars continue to get worse over the centuries

b.  extinction of animal species – continues throughout the ages

c.  divorce – marriage is becoming extinct

d. homosexuality – is now an acceptable sexual orientation

e.  murder – has become a way to solve individual and state problems

f.  stealing – is considered a normal way to earn a living

g.  loss of love – has removed the assistance of the less fortunate

h.  poverty – is the result of a never ending growth pattern of the business sector and governments

i.  impatience – has become the normal reaction to conditions causing time and money loss

j.  inability to procreate – women have ceased bearing children and men have lost their ability

k.  the love of money – is the mind-set of the average person dreaming of finding ways to make it

l.  resistance of justice – allowing the punishment of abusive evil people to become non-existent.

To be continued…

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