All is well. Just learning and growing in Christ. The treasures found in that bible are awesome when discovered and endless.  The more treasures I find in that bible the more joy I have in sharing it. When I was younger I was always too worried about what my peers would think, but as I have grown to discover these awesome treasures  I can finally say there is no shame in speaking about Christ and the Kingdom to them no matter how crazy they may think I am any more because all I want is for them to discover the same treasure. But I must say, breaking down a man’s religious myths and ideas about the truth has been like going thru a dense jungle cutting away at the trees in front of me with the Bible as my Sword. It hasn’t been an easy task but my faith has been giving me the hope and strength that God will  come to water those seeds  and accept me as an approved worker to enter his REST (Hebrews 4). And thank you for pointing out the language of angels to me because I didn’t know what to call (how the holy spirit was showing me, how to do this). You said it though, the Bible translates the Bible. Thank you Elijah.

God Bless,

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