Your physical and spiritual DNA (Part 1 of 3)

Elijah, can you explain the difference between the Spirit, Soul, Conscience, and Body?


In 1989, I met a Japanese woman who was teaching this very subject.  She gave me one of her pamphlets on the subject.  I reviewed the pamphlet and showed her about 40 errors in her writings.  She could not accept being corrected because she had taught these lies to many churches for so long and was profiting by teaching the lies.  Therefore, she was unwilling to give up the lies and accept the truth as recorded in the Bible.

The Hebrew word ruach means God’s spirit, or the spirit that God owns (like a man owns his son).  See Genesis – God breathed into Adam and he became a living soul.

The word breathed is really God’s Ruach or Holy Spirit.  Therefore, when God breathed into Adam’s lifeless body, God actually put His Holy Spirit inside Adam’s lifeless body, and Adam became a living soul.

The Hebrew word nephesh means spirit.  Nephesh is a general term used to identify all other spirits, except for God the Father and God’s Son Jesus.  A nephesh is any spirit God the Father sends into the womb of a woman who has conceived a child.  A nephesh is the individual spirit that will become the human soul of a living human being.

A living person’s nephesh remains with that human body until it physically dies.  At death, the nephesh leaves the human being’s body and returns to God or to hell.  Therefore, the soul is the personal spirit that God the Father assigned as the spirit to inhabit your body — your personal spirit is you!

Human beings are made up of four parts:

  1. Their body of flesh — generated by their parents
  2. Their personal spirit — chosen and sent by God the Father into the womb
  3. Their God — the Father sitting on his Throne inside each person
  4. Their conscience — who is the Holy Spirit, who is actually Jesus’ personal spirit

Demons (evil spirits) are the personal spirits of people who have died never accepting God the Father or Jesus the Christ.  This means these people rejected God while alive and died in their sin.  They must go to hell after physical death to pay for their own sins, since they refused to obey God or allow Jesus to pay for their sins.

Human beings = nephesh
God’s spirit = ruach

See Hebrew 4:12-13

When you come across the word Spirit in the Bible you must determine the spirit to whom you are referring.  For example, it can refer to:

  1. God’s spirit  — the Father
  2. Jesus’ spirit — the Son or Christ or Conscience
  3. Human spirit  — your personal spirit, which is you
  4. Evil spirit — the spirit of a person who died in disbelief about God
  5. Satan’s spirit — Lucifer’s personal spirit
  6. Angelic spirit — the personal spirit of a person who died believing in God

Thoughts                            Intents

Joints – – – – – – – – – – – – – –   Marrow
Soul    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –    Spirit

To be continued…

One thought on “Your physical and spiritual DNA (Part 1 of 3)

  1. I just completed reading your teaching on Physical and Spiritual DNA, Part 1. You are so in touch with the understanding of the people who do not want to accept the truth by being corrected. I guess they would rather make a profit through schemes of deceit. Why do you think a person would CHOOSE to deceive others? Is it because they refuse to recognize their own salvation is at stake? I love your breakdown of the six parts made up of human beings. As I studied it, I began to see just how true it is. It’s all about TRUTH and CHOICES.

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