The Two Worlds (Part 3 of 7)

It is difficult to help people believe they can resist demonic suggestions injected into their brains, because people either refuse to believe a spiritual world exists, or are ignorant of how the spiritual world operates.

Since people believe their thoughts are the sole product of their own brain’s ability to think, then it is unlikely we will convince people that their thoughts come from demons.

The only contact a human being is allowed to make with God’s spiritual world is through their own brain via their Conscience.  Any other contact is taboo.

God’s laws forbid people from contacting spirits, or having anything to do with spirits that contact people.  God’s laws also forbid all spirits, in their spiritual form, from contacting people.

Therefore, the only spirits in their spiritual form that ever contact people are demons and satan, because these evil spirits have free will and are rebelling against God’s laws.

A demon cannot force a person to believe them: not mentally through thoughts, or physically by appearing to people.

If demons were to appear as horrible creatures, or the devil showed up as a red creature with a tail and claws, no one would accept their messages.  This is why demonic spirits always pose as Jesus, Mary, saints, or dead loved ones, to deceive unsuspecting human beings, especially children.

Normally, demons do not appear to people, unless the person has decided to make contact with spirits; but since demons are rebelling against God, demons do initiate contact in spiritual form with people from time-to-time.  This only occurs when demons know a person is thinking about making contact, or the person believes contact is possible, or the person is getting involved with the occult.

A decision to contact spirits can be quite subtle, such as:

  1. Seeing a film about spirits and deciding to try it.
  2. Deciding to become or deal with witches.
  3. Deciding to mentally accept witches as friends.
  4. Playing with the occult, such as a Ouija Board, which may seem like a parlor game, but is not.
  5. Dabbling in witchcraft, or Voodoo, or some other form of sorcery, which also includes any ritual even if the ritual is performed in a Christian religious service.
  6. Having, or buying, or owning, or possessing, or praying to, or by praying in front of, any object, statue, or picture, and mentioning the word ‘God’ in your prayer, or any likeness of anything that represents a god or God.
  7. Accepting the presence of a spirit that appears to you in person.
  8. Going to Fortune Tellers.
  9. Accepting information by believing Tarot Cards, Tea Leaves, Palm Reading, Horoscopes, and Fortune Cookies.

Any of these constitutes a decision, which will open the gates of Hell for that person and their entire family.

Once the gates of Hell are opened, most people have no idea how to shut them again, and the unsuspecting person is dragged down into Hell.

This is how simple it is to shut the gates of hell: If you refuse to acknowledge the appearance of spirits by exposing them as demons, no matter who they impersonate, then you have diffused any demonic power or control.

A person’s mental or verbal decision to reject a thought or a vision of a spirit’s appearance causes the automatic termination of such phenomenon.  Even ignoring thoughts or a spirit dismantles their power, but refusing to believe it is actually happening just empowers the demon.

Refusing to believe spirits, or the spiritual world exists, is not the same as refusing to accept who the demons are impersonating.

Another way to defeat the appearance of a spirit that seems to be a living person is to touch it.  Since you cannot touch a spirit, because it is only a vision, it will vanish.

Ignorance of spirits or denial of the spiritual world’s existence is their best partner.  They love ignorant people and scientific people, which is why denial of the spiritual world wreaks havoc on the human race.

The first use of thought influence was used by satan on Eve.  The second use of satan’s power to transfer thoughts to a person’s brain was when satan got Eve to influence her husband Adam; and the gates of Hell were thrown open for the whole human race to enter into the kingdom of hell on earth.

Demons have the power to move material objects and even attack human beings.  Evidence of this is in both the Old and New Testaments.

In Job, we see satan asking the Lord for permission to attack Job, and the Lord giving satan permission to do so.  In the book of Acts, we see Jewish men, who did not believe in Jesus, trying to exorcise demons from a person in a house.  These religious Jews were badly beaten, had their clothing torn away, and were driven from the house by the demons.

Demons can:

  • Move things.
  • Levitate things.
  • Use mental telepathy.
  • Make good educated guesses about the future, because they have thousands of years experience and they have access to all information written or spoken.

They use these methods to trap people into believing them.

Once a person experiences this phenomenon, it is hard to convince that person their experience was a trap.  The experience is real, but the result of deciding to believe in such phenomenon is disastrous.  The Bible calls it sorcery.

A perfect example of sorcery in the Bible is when King Saul decided to consult a witch, to bring the spirit of the Jewish Prophet Samuel back from the dead.  King Saul simply wanted to ask Samuel about the future concerning the outcome of an impending war.  The result of king Saul’s use of sorcery was disastrous.

Samuel told King Saul, he and his sons would die the next day in the war as punishment for using sorcery to awaken Samuel’s spirit and calling him back from the dead.  This was not the news Saul wanted to hear!

This is not Hollywood.  This is real stuff.  It is the result everyone will receive for dabbling in sorcery; both the sorcerer and the seeker will die!  This is a guaranteed trip to Hell, fire, and damnation.

To be continued…


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