Crimes Against Humanity

The world is, and has been, in the grim reaper’s grip of war, hatred, and racism for the past thousand years. In the middle of the twentieth century, a man named Hitler first motivated the entire nation of Germany, and then all of Europe, to commit horrible crimes against humanity in the form of racism, but under the guise of Nationalism.

While World War II ensued wiping out untold millions of lives, no one has ever addressed the underlying reasons for this holocaust until now! Since it is no longer convenient to believe in spirits, especially demonic spirits, the world has become their willing victims.

The Underground Bible is the first book that forces us to take a good look at how the spiritual world is interwoven with our material world. It explains how and why a hard working, peace loving Democratic Nation like Germany, filled with Christians attending Church regularly, can be mentally controlled and changed into human monsters capable of committing the mass murder of a race.

Genocide is not a new phenomenon. It existed in Africa, America, and India to name a few countries. The racism engulfing a nation is born inside the minds of human beings; fueled by thoughts projected from the spiritual world into human brains. It begins with governments using racism to cover up their cherished class system, which keeps the rich on top and the people at the bottom.

Racism is very real, but it is fabricated to render the upper class invisible to the average citizen’s eyes. Mankind has attacked the injustices of governments since the eighteenth century, and has made remarkable progress at the cost of much bloodshed: while understanding spiritual social disorders are the inner-workings and injustices promoted by all religions, which foster spiritual victims, has never been addressed. Therefore, the spiritual victims range from anxiety and manic depressives to serial killers and mass murderers.

The time for a Worldwide Spiritual Revolution based on truth is now.

‘Peace’ must be the ultimate goal of every person before extinction becomes the Epitaph for the Human Race!

2 thoughts on “Crimes Against Humanity

  1. I find it odd that when the stock market crashed before the great depression that no one really mentions where all the money went. While the United States was going through the most desperate of economic times, Germany was becoming powerful with its very rapidly growing economy. It takes a lot of money for that to happen. Another thing I find puzzling is that the United States was not fighting against Hitler until Soviets had already beaten him and were on their way to Germany. Was it simply a race for a huge land grab and Britain and U.S. were simply working on the side of Hitler’s privatized financiers and yet the Soviets was not using a privately held banking system? To me it appears, that as long as Hitler was successful in the Fight against the public held banks of the Soviets, that it was OK with his financial bakers for him to kill Jews, even though some of his Financial backers were very possibly Jewish. Stalin may have killed up to 10 times as many of his own countrymen than the number of Jews that were killed by Hitler… it was enough people that it sure does deserve mentioning but no one ever talks about it.

    I am a small business owner and at times I feel as though I have sold my soul for money. The more money I have, the greater choices I have. I become a slave to money in order to get a wider range of opportunity to exercise what little freedom I think I do have… it’s a big joke and it’s not that funny.

    I have realized the avenue that the Father God took to get Jesus put on the cross and also come to realize how Satan comes into the church… it’s really taking the good with the bad. The Devil comes in with the offering… there is no doubt about it. When the value of a country’s currency is monitored by a global relationship of money changers, that puts us all under the control of an invisible hand… The wickedness in the bushel basket is a very very big problem.

    In peaceful times, militant men attack themselves.

    God Bless you Elijah

  2. Just read the above commentary.

    No one has addressed the idea that human beings on this 3rd dimension of the physical world are influenced by something outside themselves.

    This idea makes sense. Why? Because folks are still asking why are all the crimes are happening and have not had an answer that is satisfactory or logical.

    There is a great line in a movie called the ‘Usual Suspects’ and it goes like this:

    ‘The greatest trick the devil has pulled on the human race is that he (devil) does not exist.’

    We are so willing in this ‘New Age’ view of things to believe that aliens have been here or that people can contact the dead spirits of others. Why then do we have such a hard time wrapping our brains around the idea that there is a spiritual world and it is not only filled with God and His Host but another, adversarial force.

    This book (Bible) has been around for so many centuries. All the prophets, visionaries, etc. could not have all been nuts. They ‘saw’ something. Millions have been slaughtered in order to keep the information in this book alive.

    Thank you for your book Elijah – I am following your work closely and it makes such sense.

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