Shame (Part 3 of 3)

We can reconcile our relationship to God by the Word of God, who is the Bible and Jesus, but a person has to be willing to repent to achieve this reconciliation to God, but God is not going to accept partial repentance where the wife (you) is going to cheat on your Husband.  Since God knows every person’s thoughts, there is no way for anyone to fool God into believing you are not cheating on Him.

In such cases where a person attends church or synagogue and continues sleeping with a foreign god by the things they do and do not do, which things are contrary to God’s Word, such people are only fooling themselves and not God.  The result of this bad marriage is the people involved do not receive the blessings, but do receive the cursings we were warned about by Jesus in the Bible.

Since it was satan who induced Eve to break the commandment of God, which resulted in shame being implanted inside her and her husband’s brain, then shame is a thought projected into anyone’s brain when satan gets a person to break God’s commandments.  Since satan is the originator of the thoughts that give a person shame, then satan can also choose to withhold shame even if a person is breaking God’s rules.  (Breaking God’s rules are referred to as sin.)

Therefore, the absence of shame is not a sign that God agrees with your behavior, since it is not God inducing the shame in your brain, but satan.

This leads us to know that satan not only induces shame into a person’s brain as a result for doing his will by sinning, but that satan also uses shame, or the lack of shame, as a result of having done his will for a long time during your life.  This is why so many people during the 20th and 21st centuries have exhibited “no shame” even though it is easily seen that they are breaking the commandments of God in today’s society!

Therefore, it is no great surprise to find out that satan’s plan for the human race has been getting people to break God’s commandments during the first half of their lives, so satan can withhold their shame during the second half of their lives, in an attempt to keep people sinning until physical death takes them to hell.

Becoming immune to shame is not a sign of not sinning, but it is a sign that the person’s soul is very near death.  It is similar to a person dying from a terminal disease.  Only a miracle can save that type person, and the miracle is available to all people willing to repent according to the dictates of God’s commandments.  Not the commandments people wish to pick and choose for themselves, but every commandment God places upon a person’s heart (brain) as they journey through His Word as pilgrims traveling into unknown territory, who must face every peril that God sees fit to put them through.  Willingly accepting their perils, which is His way of proving the validity of each person’s own truthfulness, as to whether or not they really want to be reconciled to God their Husband in a truthful loving relationship to produce children for Him during their marriage.

Check yourself!  Have you been de-sensitized to breaking your Husband God’s commandments?  Any Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or place of religious gathering and teaching that does not teach its congregations this principle is actually working for satan to get you to fornicate or have mental sex with satan as your new god, to make you a person committing adultery against your Creator!

Since God controls satan and all his hordes of demons, then God alone can cause satan to give a person shame or withhold it.  This means God is indirectly in the equation of what is happening inside your brain.  God alone decides whether or not satan will test you by giving you shame or withholding it from you.  If God has given you shame, then you are only sick and need a physician; but if your shame has subsided and you have not stopped doing what originally caused your shame, then you are almost too sick to be saved and about to die spiritually.  The spiritually dead are known as reprobates.  God places a sign on all reprobates.  The sign of homosexuality!

“And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.” ~Luke 5:31

This defines homosexuality as a disease of the brain.  These type people have no shame and need help!

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