Is Jesus God? (Part 1 of 4)

The mainline Christian churches, which include Roman Catholic, Greek and Russian Orthodox, and every Protestant church teach (excluding Jehovah Witnesses) believe that Jesus was just another form of God the Father.  This false doctrine stems from the Roman Catholic doctrine known as the Trinity.

Here is another way of stating the false doctrine: God decided to become a human being who was born without the need of a human male’s sperm and was named Jesus.  Therefore, Jesus was not a human being, but just looked like one because He was God the Father in another form.

This is a lie!  The church known as Jehovah Witnesses have a different problem.  They claim Jesus is not God, but only the Son of God, who was a mere human being.  This is also a lie!  They have one thing correct: Jesus was a mere human being.

The mystery of Jesus is complicated by the above church leaders who have refused to allow outsiders to teach them the truth.  Yet, if they would take the time to read the scriptures, they would be amazed to find that God’s plan clearly provides for sending men from the outside to their existing churches.  Men whom God anointed to teach them the truth.

Greed and fear are the reasons church leaders refuse to allow an outsider access to their congregations.  Greed keeps the wealth of their churches in their control; and fear of losing their congregations to an outsider who knows more than they, keeps them barring their doors against outsiders.  These are the same reasons the Pharisees worried about concerning an outsider named Jesus.  Jesus summed up this behavior in His parable of the rented vineyard.

The scriptures clearly state: Jesus is God. The scriptures clearly state: Jesus was a human being. The scriptures also state: Jesus is not the God that sent Him.

When we eliminate church leaders, who have their obvious reasons for lying and denying that men exist and have always existed, who are sent to them by God, and clergy who are more interested in holding onto their jobs, rather than holding onto their souls by holding onto the truth about God and Jesus, we are left with their congregations.  The congregations of these liars are the blind following their blind leaders.

There are various reasons congregations suffer with blindness:

  1. Some of the people are more interested in maintaining their particular social status, which is a benefit derived from their respective churches;
  2. Other people become hooked on the newly discovered kinship of a church group and refuse the truth to stay with the group;
  3. Then there are people who are afraid to question their church’s doctrine, even when they’ve seen a contradiction of their church doctrine in the Bible;
  4. Finally, we have the rest of the people who are simply being deceived, because they refuse to, or are too lazy to, or just don’t know they can, read the Bible for themselves and understand it.

All of them are being deceived!  Some are deceiving themselves, while others are allowing themselves to be deceived.  Whatever the case, they will be judged and damned because of the deception.

Jesus put it this way:

“For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.” ~Revelation 22:15

To be continued…


One thought on “Is Jesus God? (Part 1 of 4)

  1. All these mainline churches are following false doctrines? Guess their congregations are not history buffs, and they don’t know the influence the Roman Catholic Church has had on all the churches of the world.

    Now that you have taught us that Jesus is not God who sent him, would you at some time expose the truth about the rapture, another lie that is used to tickle the ears of congregations all over the continent?

    Just keep the truth coming. God looks on the heart and knows the ones that are sincere about learning the truth. He puts forth his own sheep and goes before them and they follow him: for they know his voice. ~John 10:4

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