Basic Instinct (Part 12 of 12): The true meaning of freedom

There are only two methods by which civilizations can operate: sharing and buying.  The sellers are the foundation upon which the rulers are built into a government imposing these conditions on the masses.

The original system imposed on all animals is foraging and sharing.  Foraging is searching for naturally produced foods, which have been purposely removed from all forests on earth except the deepest of rain forests and jungles.  These also will soon be removed purposely for the same reason: to force the human race to buy their food from the sellers, which in turn forces the people to work for their rulers.

Sharing has been replaced methodically by the costs being controlled by the rulers, which in turn could be calculated to an exact amount needed by a person to barely survive.  Once the ability to calculate how much is needed, a person’s costs could be controlled so that he or she would never be able to save or develop enough assets to stop working.

The latest invention of rulers is the granting of credit.  Credit is a new twist on an old method of keeping the workers in debt, in order to keep them working.  It was the company store that provided all the worker’s needs.  The worker couldn’t possibly afford everything they needed with their salary, so the company store gave the worker credit, which kept the worker in debt and from quitting or retiring.

The new twist is banks have become the means of credit, but the purpose is still the same.  Keeping people in debt and from quitting their jobs, or retiring from work.  When a person can never get out of debt, they must continue working for their sellers.

Proof of this is the recent economic crisis.  The government took the people’s taxes and gave the banks a trillion dollars.  The reason for this was to keep the banks from having to sell their assets that they acquired from the bad loans not being paid as the economy soured.  These bank assets would have made some people richer by buying the assets very cheaply.

If the banks couldn’t sell their assets, then it would cause the bankruptcy of many banks forcing banks to sell assets at an even lower price.  Keeping the banks from failing, and keeping the bank’s assets from being sold cheaply was achieved by the government giving the banks your tax money.  This achieved their goal of keeping things from being sold at a lower price, and forcing people to purchase those things at a high price.

Thus, removing people’s ability to survive by having goods for sale available at lower prices.  Credit and bank bailouts effectively remove the existence of a used market for the lower classes, forcing them to work by having to buy new products at higher prices, which seem lower because of purchasing things on credit.

This was a first in Capitalism, not to mention a complete reversal of Capitalistic ideals, which are businesses either make it in business on their own, or go bankrupt due to incapable or greedy people ruining the business.

Banks are business.  This was the case of the recent economic crash.  Instead of rewarding the banks by bailing them out with our tax money, those people running the banks badly should have received the destruction of their own wealth and jobs for mishandling the banks.

The control of the hearts and minds of the people is the essential ingredient rulers need to enslave all the populations of the earth, which is their ultimate goal.  Cheap labor so the rich can maintain their lifestyle.  It is difficult for people to believe their own nation does this to them, because most people are so caught up in surviving that they have no alternative but to believe what they are told by their governments.  The rulers of their own nations have taught them their mentality.  It is the rulers controlling their brains through the media, the schools, the books published, and the religions.

Controlling the heart is just another way of saying, controlling the brain.  President Bush Jr. coined this phrase when the U.S. attacked Iraq in 2002.  His father, President Bush Sr., told us a New World Order had begun in 1991.  The New World Order referred to a Westernization of our globe including all nations.  This is why it was necessary to remove communism as a way for people to live, which included sharing or everyone’s needs being taken care of by the government, by using your taxes for that purpose instead of bailing-out the rich.

Capitalism is the basis of the United States.  Capitalism plainly defined means buying and selling instead of sharing.  Jack Kennedy said it this way:

“Ask not what your government can do for you, but ask what you can do for your government.”

Hog Wash!  A government simply exists for its people, and not the other way around!  This is why we don’t have welfare anymore, or national health care.  You have to buy it!  You work all your lives and inflation is designed to eat-up your assets as you age and are not looking!

As you have recently noticed, your taxes are used by the rulers to support the rulers and fund military that will be used against its own people when they refuse to work.

What I have disclosed thus far is only the tip of the iceberg.  Yet, understanding why a woman and a man operate the way they do can help people to achieve peace in their own lives.  It isn’t necessary to live tormented.  Since we let knowledge replace instinct and oppose instinct, a person’s personal peace has fled.

Worrying is in opposition to peace and a sound mind!  Trying to understand each other will promote peace.  Forgiving each other, because it is not possible to understand why we hurt each other, will promote our own personal peace.  Allowing each other to live according to our instincts will promote peace.  Peace is much better than torment.  Peace and torment cannot live together in the same brain.  If they try to live together, one will kill the other.  The killing of one’s brain results in depression, insanity, murder, or suicide.

The essence of life is living, not imposing rules upon ourselves.

That is true freedom!


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