Basic Instinct (Part 11 of 12): Mastery over the human race

The female instinct to survive that causes the woman to override her basic instinct to have her eggs fertilized, resulted in the female submitting to the new male even when she was not in heat.  This new way of life resulted in women having two men in their lives as sexual mates: a condition that all women detest instinctually, even though they may live with it.

The two males in every woman’s life was a male in the workplace controlling her income and a male she married at home.  Both men using the same woman for sex.  One man in the workplace using her for sexual gratification and the other man using her for sexual impregnation.

Retraining the modern woman’s brain to survive became the driving force of knowledge forcing her to submit to multiple males.  She would have to choose the one and reject the other; or love the one and hate the other.  This new form of education forced both men and women to hate marriage.  Divorce, promiscuity, and betrayal, was now the new way of life.

Ultimately, husbands concluded women cannot be faithful and became unwilling to marry or remain faithful in marriage.  The wife concluded that she must redesign her own brain to deal with her new way of life, which includes multiple male partners to remain in control of her own existence and sanity, resulting in her unwillingness to marry, and her unwillingness to bear children.

This led many women to kill their own babies either by murder or abortion, and to become promiscuous to justify earning more money by having many male partners.  Her new problem is the removal of guilt.

Now that women were seduced by their governments into abandoning their nests and children for the job and money, it would be easy to seduce women to abandon their husbands, even if their abandonment was only a temporary fling and kept secret.   The watering-down of a man’s traditions, morals, beliefs, and mental instincts had begun, because the woman was now being fertilized by strangers even though she was married.

Let the murderers, rapists and thieves begin!  Rulers had finally found a way to achieve mastery over the human race, and no one could revolt or stop it because it is a well-guarded secret.

Now you know why the government backs science in the pursuit of methods and products designed to free women from producing children.  Now you know why the government forces children to learn about sex.  And now you know why the people’s state of affairs concerning the family is in total disarray.

It was imperative for the government to find a way to release women’s guilt derived from them having multiple male partners and the guilt of the results of the many unwanted children from many male partners.  Women have been trained and educated not to want children.  Child bearing interferes with a woman’s freedom: her right to choose a male partner; her right to earn a living; a right over her own health — these are just a few new ideas programmed into the brains of women.  Instinct gave her no such rights, but rulers gave her these rights for their own selfish purposes and greed.

Understanding the basic instinct of the male and female human being only unravels the basic reasons behind bad marriages, divorce, male and female promiscuity, disease, crime and evil acts.  Human behavior is further complicated by external and internal conditions.

External conditions include the mentality of a nation, the variations of religious mentality, and the personal dreams of each person imposed on them by the media such as music and films, but the greatest of all external conditions imposed on people is buying and selling.  Money is the center of this condition.

To be continued…

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