Basic Instinct (Part 10 of 12): The plot to replace men

Women living in a monogamist society eventually stray from a marriage, while men stray quickly.  Most men and women hold out for a decade or two, but thinking cannot overpower instinct.  When a woman is young, approximately 10 or 12 years of age, she comes into puberty.  Men are a couple of years behind women.  This is not a mistake of nature.  It dictates that females cannot be fertilized by boys of the same age, because they have not matured sufficiently to pass on strong genes.

This sets in motion a law that only older males having proved their survival skills can collect females.  Remember, the female wants the strongest, smartest male to fertilize her.  She instinctively knows which male has learned to survive by his age.  It dictates he has learned to survive.  His knowledge gathered over his lifespan will pass on to her offspring.  These female instincts insure the continuance of a strong species that will survive.

While the male selects young strong females to produce his offspring to insure he gets his genes into the world.  Yet, the rulers are imposing new ways of disrupting nature.  Through sex education, tolerance of misbehavior, tolerance of misguided sex practices, through media training of the masses, and through manipulation by using chemicals, children are being trained and redesigned to become sexually active at ever increasing younger ages.

Societies have allowed younger and younger males to grab-up the females close to their own age.  Thus, removing the older males from the gene pool available for younger women, because these older men possess the survival knowledge that only comes with age.  Survival knowledge the rulers fear and do not want passed on to children.

Producing new generations of children less able to survive and more easily convinced to do things the way the State demands.  Thus, controlling employees by ignorance of survival, which is a threat to rulers remaining in power.

Taking the basic instinct of the female, which is to have her eggs fertilized, we see the only reason a woman needs a man.  The rulers must act swiftly before the people become wise to their plot.  In order for rulers to maintain control of their citizens, they must find a new method of controlling the people, before the people realize they have been deceived and used.  Therefore, finding a new way to release the woman from her male is essential to maintaining their control over the new age slaves (employees).

Rulers’ ultimate goal is to replace the male with something else.  The scientific quest for artificial insemination and cloning is that attempt to replace the male.  The reason for this is to increase the working slaves (employees) for the rulers.  Originally this was achieved during World War II.  The government removed most men from their homes, wives, children, and their workplaces, for the war effort.

The idea was to convince women that the nation needed them to replace their husbands who went off to war; and that women could learn to do the work as well as their husband’s did; and to teach women they could earn sufficient money and be free from the enslavement of their husbands.

Thus, in one stroke of genius, the government devised a plan giving women a taste of earning their own money, being free of husbands, and shedding their responsibilities at home.  The government achieved their goal to wean women away from their nests–their homes, children, while doubling the workforce of employees in the future, and releasing children from the direct training done by mothers so the State could now retrain the kids to change.

We are living in that future, and the result is fatal!

Once this was achieved, women would seek their freedom from their male watchdogs, throwing women’s lives open to managerial raping of wives and daughters, who volunteered their bodies reluctantly to keep their jobs.  Instinctual female promiscuity was then triggered by a perception in women that the stronger male had replaced their dominant male husbands, because the boss controlled their provision through salaries earned.  Things women were never designed to experience.

While the woman was designed to be loyal to the mate of her choice, she was also designed with the ability to shift that loyalty away from the mate of her choice, if he were overthrown by a stronger male.  Thus, the workplace became the new territory she chose to enter, and thereby automatically gave the bosses control over his female employees.

This new territorial boundary replaced the male husband’s territory known as the home.  It released the woman’s instinct for provision and protection of her nest and her children, by allowing a new dominant male to replace her husband by having sex with her.

To be continued…


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