For Jews Only: Has God forgotten his people? – Introduction

A note from The Underground Bible team…

In the next series of posts, entitled For Jews Only, Elijah will dispel hundreds of myths about the Jewish people — myths that have been perpetrated by some of the largest sects of Christianity, dating as far back as the Ancient Roman Empire.

Elijah wrote this publication in 1992, but it is a timeless writing about the plight of the Jewish people.

In this series, you’ll travel back in time to the First Century Church and the political climate that existed when Jesus was alive on the earth.

You’ll meet the patriarchs of the Jewish faith that Jesus came from and why the New Testament could not exist without them.

You’ll witness the birth of the Jewish Nation and perhaps for the first time, understand why the Jewish people have been hated over the centuries and used as scapegoats.

You’ll have a front row seat as Elijah unlocks Biblical prophecies concerning the Nation of Israel and exposes false doctrines that are embedded within every sect of Christianity. After 50 years of hard research, all roads still lead back to Rome.

After reading For Jews Only, you’ll walk away with an accurate understanding of the teachings of the Jewish Messiah.

You’ll get clear answers to important questions, like:

  • Do the Jewish people need to be evangelized by Christians?
  • Does the New Testament “do away” with the Old Testament?
  • Did the Jewish Messiah abandon his nation and people?
  • How did the God of Israel get transferred to the Gentiles?
  • Was the first century church Jewish or Gentile?
  • Why are there so many sects of Christianity when Jesus taught there is only one God and one faith?
  • What is the relationship between Judaism and Christianity?

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Love, The Underground Bible team…

We’re keeping Truth alive!


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