Common lies taught in mainstream Christian Churches

Dear Readers,

The next series of posts will uncover lies that are taught by Christian Churches around the world.

Remember, truth is the entire basis of worshipping God, which is why I wrote The Underground Bible.

I pray God blesses your quest for truth and opens your eyes to the teachings of Christ that have been buried for a thousand years.

Yours in the good fight of faith,

~ Elijah

Common lies taught in mainstream Churches regarding God and His Christ.

  1. Shroud of Turin
  2. Reason for the Crucifixion
  3. The Birthday & therefore the year of Jesus’ death
  4. The Virgin Birth
  5. Jacob’s taking of the birthright
  6. Adam thrown out of the Garden
  7. The Forbidden Fruit
  8. Hell & Demons
  9. The Final Judgment
  10. Salvation
  11. Faith
  12. The Holy Spirit
  13. Jesus being God the Father
  14. The Roman Church
  15. Heaven & the Saints
  16. Angels, human, 2-Winged & 6-Winged
  17. The Rapture
  18. Christmas
  19. Eating Bread & Wine
  20. The Second Coming
  21. Antichrist
  22. Armageddon
  23. The Tribulation
  24. The Lake of Fire
  25. Twice Death
  26. The Resurrection
  27. Sin
  28. Prophets
  29. Joseph’s Ancestry
  30. Age of Mary
  31. Tribe of Mary
  32. Tribe of Joseph
  33. Prayer
  34. Altar & steps
  35. New World Order
  36. Mark of the Beast

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