The truth about the virgin birth

If God impregnated Mary then Jesus is not our Christ, since God is not from the tribe of Judah.

The virgin birth of Christ is true, but everyone is missing the point.  The whole idea of deception is the same as a magician’s trick of getting you to look at something else.  The Church as a whole has deceived people for over a thousand years.  The two most important points concerning the virgin birth are:

  1. The word ’Alma’ in Hebrew means a woman who has never been with a man, or thought about sex;
  2. The miracle of the virgin birth is not that a virgin became pregnant, but that Mary was above the age of child-bearing, just like Elizabeth her cousin (see Luke 1:5; a priest and his wife had to be from the tribe of Levi).

Elizabeth was also pregnant in her old age.  This miracle is foreshadowed in the Old Testament by Sarah the wife of Abraham, who was also beyond the age of childbearing.

They took your eyes off the real miracle of Mary being an old woman past the age of child-bearing before she went to her legal husband Joseph as directed by Gabriel, to become pregnant and have a child as a virgin; their deceptions are like the Egyptian magicians who tested Moses, which brought about terrible consequences for Egypt.

A woman who is a virgin before marriage (in Hebrew) maintains her title of virginity for life, even after intercourse with her legal husband.  This is not the case in the English or Greek language.  Mary was a virgin before Joseph had intercourse with her, or else Jesus cannot be our Christ or Messiah.

Only Joseph could pass on the tribe of Judah to Jesus, because Mary was from the tribe of Levi.  Joseph is from the house of David and gives Jesus the right of being King of Israel.  Herod sought to kill Jesus for this reason.  As King of Israel, Jesus was a threat to King Herod the Great.  Even the sign on the cross told us Rome had Jesus killed for claiming to be King of Israel.

Mary was from the tribe of Levi (see Luke 1:6 which declares Mary is the cousin of Elizabeth and an old woman).  This tells us Mary is from the tribe of Levi.  Mary was not from the tribe of Judah.  Jesus must be born in the tribe of Judah to be the Christ.

Mary being a Levite gives Jesus the right of becoming Our High Priest and Joseph being from Judah gives Jesus the right of being King of Israel.

Go to for more information: like Elijah must come before the Second Coming of Jesus can take place.

Where is Elijah?  Why aren’t churches teaching you Elijah must come before Jesus?

Once again a grand deception is being presented to the world!  Once again the Bible is correct.

It tells us the world will accept the Antichrist rather than the Christ!  Only Elijah can point out the true Christ.  Without Elijah (like John the Baptist) people will be deceived into believing the Antichrist is the Christ, because there is no physical way to recognize the Christ when He comes, which is why Elijah was sent first to herald Jesus’ Coming!

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