The Two Worlds (Part 7 of 7)

Demonic spirits

Demonic spirits really exist.  They are all around us everyday of our lives.  They can go anywhere except into the light.

The light is not referring to daylight, but is referring to understanding the truth as it is given to us from the Bible.  Every day great numbers of people die and are added to the swelling ranks of demons. 

Ever since the world began, the number of demons is increasing, because the world is getting increasingly evil, and demonic spirits cannot die.  The number of demons will never cease increasing until the end of time, which is when the number of demons that will be cast into the Outer Darkness alone forever will be chiseled in stone.

If you don’t believe a spiritual world co-exists with our material world, and is firmly intertwined with it, then you don’t believe the Bible, which tells you spirits exist.  If you don’t believe the Bible, then you don’t believe God or Jesus.  A person with this type problem is destined to become a demon.

The reason is he or she doesn’t believe the written messages of the Bible.  Anyone can change that dilemma by making a decision to believe whatever is written in the Bible.  Then the person will be transferred to the kingdom of God.  Just remember…non-starters and quitters lose!!!

Do you have power over demons? 

If a person believes the spiritual world does exist, and believes it’s all one big “Hereafter” filled with helpful spirits, he or she is in for a very big surprise!

If you are presently involved with the spiritual world in any way, and believe it is harmless, you are going directly to Hell if you die in your belief. 

If you are a Christian caught up in a ministry that has convinced you that you have power over demons, and that power is not based upon washing a demonically possessed person’s brain with the “Water of the Word”, then you are being deceived!

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