The two houses of Israel.

“Dear Elijah, SO, as a believer and follower of Jesus, I am actually part of Israel, the real one, correct?  Yes!  But I truly believe that not only is Jesus the Word of God, but alive literally.  Correct again! Jesus died and God the Father Glorified Him, which means Jesus became equal to God.  Now God is inside everyone, and if Jesus is equal to God, then Jesus is inside everyone. 

The Bible teaches that Jesus sits at the right hand of God.  Therefore, after Jesus proved Himself to live a sinless life, God could multiply Jesus’ spirit to live inside everyone ever born and alive after the cross.  It takes a deeper study to prove from the scriptures that Jesus is actually our conscience.     

 And that He is needed by all people here if they want a connection to God, regardless of nationality.  People need Jesus to get to God.  He is our conscience and He is the Word of God, which means people need the Bible and what is written in it to get to God.

 I agree that gentiles (people who don’t follow God or His Messiah) don’t need to make it their business to “save” Israel (God’s chosen children).  Correct! The Jewish people do not need Gentiles to save them.  They also have the Bible to save them, which is the word of God.

 It is confusing because the minute you say Jews I think about the literal nationality, which I am not.  But I consider myself a child of Abraham none the less. Joshua.”

I will try to remove your confusion.  After the days of Solomon, the nation of Israel (who were the children of Abraham) broke into two parts.  The northern kingdom of ten tribes (whom Jesus called the lost sheep of Israel and another fold of sheep the Jewish people of His time did not know) and the southern kingdom of Judah, which were three tribes.  The ten tribes were carried away by Assyria as slaves. 

When Babylon conquered Assyria around 721 B.C., all the Jewish slaves disbursed into different parts of the world and became known as the ten lost tribes of Israel.  These ten lost tribes became known as the Gentiles. 

The word Gentile comes from the French language meaning gentle people.  They were not the heathens, who do not believe in the God of Israel.  The ten lost tribes of Israel are the entire Christian movement.  The prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled by Jesus after His death, which was “God would call His people out of the East, the West, the North, and the South” into a new land of Israel.

The new land of Israel was the Kingdom of God, which is not a land, but a state of mind (Christianity).  Therefore, all Christians are actually part of Israel, born from the ancestors of Israel, which is the fulfillment of another promise that God would make Abraham the Father of many nations. 

So you see, anyone who believes in Jesus is actually part of Israel.  The Jewish people are only the other part of Israel that was never lost.

I hope this helps your understanding, If you have other questions just write and ask!

~ Elijah

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