Demons, the brain, and the Bible. (Part 2 of 2)

“Another thing is, since human nature, or the old self, tends to creep around the new self in order to destroy it, the only reason this does happen to most people who believe, is that demons are hard at work giving thoughts to the children of God.

People must first take control of their own brains before they can stop what churches call “backsliding”.  Once a person has mastered control of their own brain, this no longer ever occurs to any great extent.  Remembering, that even Jesus was tempted by satan and that satan only left him for a season: meaning the demons will return and try again: but their vain attempts are easily foiled once you know how it works and build your own character to resist all thoughts.  The best method is the method God built into the human race.  The master/slave system, which begins with every child’s father and mother, and branches out to Godly men and women who have your well-being in mind.

sin is something people will most likely encounter even after finding salvation.  That being the case, if I sin, Jesus has the power to forgive me, and is willing to.  I know people will stumble on their walk with God, I have many times, but I consider it a trial that makes me stronger in Him.  Not according to John the Apostle!  (see 1 John 3:9)  The creeping back, as you put it, is a result of a person listening to their own brain.  This practice must be replaced with listening to God though His Word by doing the acts He prescribes for every action on earth.

The reason I say that is because I don’t see how perfect following of the Law is possible (I do Joshua) (possible but not really accomplished by man), isn’t that why Jesus’ sacrifice was necessary?  Jesus died to give us the free gift of Grace.  The forgiveness of sin is connected to us forgiving others who sin against us.

To do away with our old selves, and our sin, instead of postponing our sin for a year?  After we are believers in the Messiah, we belong to Him forever (If we run the race to the end). I remember the passage that convinced me of this, off the top of my mind it was said by Paul I think, that our “house” will be tested, (Jesus was tested by satan and did not fail, but used the scriptures to defeat thoughts from satan) and if it is made of poor materials it will burn, (Jesus refused the materials of gold and silver and other products of this world) but we will survive barely. Doesn’t this pertain to believers who don’t do exactly as God wishes, but are still his and allowed to survive? (Yes… but not in this world. Anyone barely surviving will go to hell for the next 1500 years; and on the great Judgment Day at the end of time, they will be resurrected back to life, but not before they had to suffer for holding this world more highly than God who created it). 

I want to be completely honest – I am afraid that I don’t belong to God anymore, that He has made an awesome plan for me (everyone too) and let me in on it personally to be a leader, but that He has taken it back for a reason I’m not completely sure of.  I continue to refuse to believe this, I don’t want to doubt, because when God makes me a promise, I know it is going to happen.  But I don’t know how to tell if I am His, still, or not.

Joshua… assurance of Salvation comes by refusing the things your brain is telling you and believing the things God tells you, which are recorded in the Bible.  There is no other way!  Your brain and everyone else’s brains are our worst enemies!  That is why God gave us the Bible and His Son!  Do not let doubt grab you.  Resist it and satan will flee.  Doubt is like acid on metal.  It will dissolve a person’s faith.

Faith is something God gave you in the size of a mustard seed.  You have to hang onto it, and make it grow by studying the Bible to develop a relationship with Jesus, who is actually living inside you and died so He could bring us to His Father.  Most of the junk in your brain about God, Jesus and the church is just that… JUNK!  I know this sounds hard, but you must clear your brain of what you’ve been taught and begin again anew, just you and the Bible.

Thank you again for reading these posts and explaining it in simple terms. Pray for my clarification and most importantly discernment.”

I have prayed and am praying for you.


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