Demons, the brain, and the Bible. (Part 1 of 2)

“Dear Elijah, I have another comment to make regarding being saved by following the commandments and following conscience.  I believe a person who is saved will follow their heart (the heart according to the Bible means your brain) or conscience  (according to the Bible means Jesus’ Spirit, who resides inside you and everyone else on earth).  The problem with your next statement, which is: and follow the commandments.  It’s a mistake.

All Christians are deceived by their leaders.  No one is allowing those sent by God into their individual congregations, which they have decided belongs to them.  This is the meaning of the parable about the vineyard, where the renters beat-up and killed the servants and the son of the king who owned the vineyard.  The king is coming back to kill the renters for not paying their rent, which is to allow those sent to teach them the truth about the Bible, God the Father and His Son Jesus.

Since this problem exists and has existed for a thousand years under Rome, people’s brains are deceived by the churches, other religions, governments, and the secular sector.  These deceptions have been purposely devised to break the faith of anyone seeking God.  The method they use is teaching people lies about God and the Christ.  The only countermeasure opposing their brain’s programming is the Bible and the Conscience (whom actually is Jesus’ Spirit and He lives inside everyone on earth; and has lived inside everyone since the 50th day after Rome murdered Him).

The point is, unless a person allows their Conscience to lead them to God the Father through the Biblical text (Old and New Testaments) a person’s brain cannot be trusted, neither can it lead them to Salvation.

The Bible teaches us that our brains are simply communication devices available to the spiritual world of good and evil spirits.  This is why Eve was guilty of sin, for allowing the evil spirit to communicate with her brain.

Eve’s act opened all human brains to the evil side of the spiritual world, allowing demons access to our brains via thoughts.  This is the best kept secret in the world and satan wants it that way.  This is why Jesus told us to control our thoughts and take them captive, and to resist satan.  Since people do not believe demons exist, they cannot believe their thoughts are coming from demons.  Through thoughts, the human race is now held hostage by demons and people are doing the will of satan instead of God.

This is the reason why it’s a mistake to believe a person is saved by following their heart (brain); and when it comes to following their conscience (who is Jesus, whom only builds a relationship and speaks with people who prove they love God by keeping His commandments).

You see the problem?  It is impossible for people to be saved by listening to their own brain and follow the commandments.

but what does it mean when Paul talks about being released from the Law?”  The Apostle Paul is referring to “Grace”.  Grace is a free gift from God to anyone who is willing to live life according to God’s Will, which means “What God dictates people should do on earth”.  These dictates are only found in the Bible and a person’s Conscience.  Yet, even though the Bible exists, it is not possible for a person to see the truths in there without the gift of Grace.  It is equally impossible for a person to have faith unless they first receive the free gift of Grace: and God will not give a person “Grace” unless they show Him they are willing to do things His way and not the world’s way.  This is the essence of all Jesus’ teachings: like turn the other cheek!

The problem with all this is that the churches, which are now controlled by satan (see Revelation 2:9 & 3:9) have the ears of God’s children, while the Governments have frightened people by teaching them others are cults.

I believe you are on the right track by studying the Bible.  You can download my book.  It’s free and on the net. (Ask Joleen for the particulars of “How to!” Next read both books (the Bible and my Book).  When you have questions, contact Joleen, she can answer most questions and will pass on the ones that she cannot answer to me.

To be continued…

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