How does Jesus save you?

“I don’t think the majority of Jews on earth that read the Word read the entire Word (the Bible) because the New Testament is full of focus on the Messiah, who is the one we call today Jesus or Yeshua, who is the Lord. I guess what I am asking is, when you say Jews that don’t need the literal human name Jesus to be saved but only the real Him (the Word, and much more), do you mean the Jews that read the entire Word or the Jews practicing Judaism (who don’t read what you and I consider the entire Bible – the Old and new Covenant)?  In re-reading this question, it sounds as if I am splitting hairs, but I promise you it is important in my head to unclutter the confusion.”

First let me address the names Jesus and its’ Hebrew form of pronunciation, which is Yeshua.  They translate into salvation in the English language.  The word salvation cannot save anyone. 

Now let’s deal with the title the Messiah.  It means the anointed one.  The simplistic idea behind the title of Messiah is that God the Father anointed a human being (Jesus) with His Spirit to deliver (hence the name: Salvation) the human race from the grip of satan since Eve committed the first sin: giving satan access to all human brains from that point in time forward to the end of the world via thoughts injected into our brains.  Jesus showed us this in the story about His temptation: where satan is injecting thoughts into Jesus’ brain, and Jesus is counteracting those thoughts by using His perfect knowledge of the scriptures, which scriptures were the Old Testament, because the New Testament did not yet exist!
This not only teaches us how to resist satan by using the Word of God, which is Jesus; but it also teaches us that Jesus’ name can do nothing to save someone. 

Now, the twist in all this is that both Jesus (the actual being) and the Bible (the Word of God) can save a human being.  This is only possible when a person realizes that Jesus is still alive and lives inside everyone on earth in the form of Jesus’ personal spirit having been glorified by God the Father after Jesus was murdered on the cross. 

The glorification of Jesus is the process of God the Father multiplying Jesus’ personal spirit into a limitless number in order to reside inside every living human being at the same time.  Therefore, God makes Jesus’ spirit equal to God the Father’s Spirit, which lives inside every human being at the same time: hence omnipresent.  This is why the Bible tells us Jesus did not consider it robbery to make himself equal to God; and that Jesus sits on the right hand of God.  To sit at God’s right hand, Jesus would have to have his personal spirit multiplied into the number of people living on earth at any given time.

Now, that being said, the next fact is Jesus became our conscience.  The small still voice everyone knows exists inside us.  Therefore, a person can be saved by listening to their conscience, or by listening to the advice given in the Bible itself.  Either way, the person is being saved by Jesus, but this is not saying the name given to Jesus at birth can save anyone. 

Yet, the Bible does teach that anyone calling on that name will be saved.  This is only true for people totally ignorant of the Bible’s contents.  There aren’t too many people in the world that come under that jurisdiction, except the aborigines undiscovered by civilized man.   This is how Jews are saved by doing the commandments of God as written in the Old Testament and/or their own consciences.  Now, if Christians disregard their conscience and/or doing the written Word, they too will be damned! 

Hope this further helps you in your search for God.
In Brotherly Love
~ Elijah

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