The Two Worlds (Part 6 of 7)

The term antichrist means “against Christ”. 

In the spiritual world, a person is either in the kingdom of Hell or the kingdom of Heaven.  When human beings physically die, the decision they made while they were alive determines their next destination.  Their personal spirit is either hurled into the second part of Hell, which is the spiritual realm of torment, or their personal spirit is allowed to restfully sleep to wait for the reconstruction of a new earth.  These two spiritual kingdoms are a continuation of the two earthly kingdoms. 

What determines where a person is sent after physical death depends entirely upon which kingdom they were part of while they were alive on earth.  Therefore, the choices people make while they are alive determines the kingdom they become citizens of, or remain citizens of, while they are alive and after they physically die.

It is possible for people to transfer from the kingdom of Hell, while they are alive on earth.  It is also possible to transfer from the kingdom of Heaven back into the kingdom of Hell again.  This process is only possible while people are alive on earth.  When people physically die and they are sent to the next phase of their respective kingdoms, it is impossible to transfer from their kingdom until Judgment Day.

Judgment Day determines the permanent kingdom for each spirit.  This is why the Apostle Paul said, We must run the race to the end: meaning the end of our lives.  The Apostle John informed us that some Apostles, who were once part of the kingdom of Heaven, abandoned their place in Heaven while alive and went over to the kingdom of Hell. 

John said, since they were Apostles it was impossible to reverse their transfer because that would require Christ dying on the cross a second time.  The Apostle Judas Iscariot is a perfect example of any person exercising their free will at any time, but also making an irreversible mistake.  Remember, Judas exercised his power of God when he healed the sick and made demons leave possessed people, but decided to go to Hell. 

A person sent to the spiritual realm of Hell after damnation, can also transfer from the Hell back into Heaven.  This process can only take place after all life on earth has ceased and the Final Judgment pardons a demon.  It will be extremely difficult for a demon (an evil spirit) not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, because the peer pressure in spiritual Hell is tremendous, and the powers a demon receives in Hell are great, but it can be done.

Praying for dead souls in spiritual Hell is not allowed by God.  It is a sin!  It is useless and has absolutely no effect on the dead.  Jesus said, have nothing to do with the dead.  Doing so, just proves you do not believe God yet!  Praying for living people in the kingdom of Hell on earth is allowed, but it will cause God to heap pain and suffering on the person for whom people pray.  God will only pardon a demon in spiritual Hell under these conditions:

  1. The demon did not blaspheme the Holy Spirit while he or she was a living human being on earth.
  2. The demon did not blaspheme the Holy Spirit after death while in spiritual Hell.
  3. The demon did not influence a living person to blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

Remember this, if a person couldn’t avoid spiritual Hell though they never blasphemed the Holy Spirit while alive, it’ll be thousands of times more difficult not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit while in spiritual Hell.  If you don’t make it into Heaven, at least remember not to blaspheme the Holy Spirit as a demon in Hell or trick an unsuspecting living human being into blaspheming the Holy Spirit during your long painful stretch in Hell.

To be continued…

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