Angels and Archangels (Part 7 of 7)

Lucifer’s name is changed.  Lucifer became known as the devil, which means the false accuser.  The meaning of the name satan is the adversary.

Since the earth was a material world and the commanding cherub was the Archangel Lucifer.  Satan and all his followers, the fallen spirits (angels), would have to be born into human bodies and live on earth as human beings.  This was the result of God having created an automatic system of “cause and effect” to deal with any and all problems arising in His creation.

The war in Heaven was not the cause for all of God’s spirits needing to be born into human bodies on earth.  Being born as human beings was the original plan of God designed for His spirits, which originally included all of the fallen angels and satan.  The war in Heaven resulted in the separation of spirits, which separation continued into the material world known as earth, and beyond the grave.

You may have noticed the separation of people and spirits throughout the Bible.  Sons are separated from their fathers and mothers, and brothers are separated from each other, evil people are separated from the good, adulterers are separated from their spouses, Jesus is separated from the living, evil spirits are separated from good spirits, and this includes the separation of the kingdom of heaven and hell on earth, and after people physically die, and after the Great Judgment when an everlasting separation takes place for anyone that contradicts or denies what is written in the Bible.  Separation is the worse punishment a spirit can receive, because all spirits were created to never be alone, whether in the body or out of it.

Lucifer and Michael are spirits on earth.

The two Archangels, Lucifer and Michael, also had to be born on earth as human beings to make their decision concerning believing God and then physically die.  Their work on earth was predestined, which means their work was pre-planned by God before they were even created or born.

Both these spirits would be born to their mothers and fathers.  They would experience everything all other human beings experience during life.  They would be born with the same abilities as other normal human children: with the instincts and mental capacity of their parents.

Since God chooses what spirit is born to which parents, their births would be no different than other children born: except for one thing.  God would choose the perfect parents for each of these Archangels, because He knows all things.  Thus, the Archangels would be given the perfect set of parents for their instincts at birth: enabling Michael and Lucifer to carry out their predestined tasks on earth: parents that would supply the good or evil knowledge necessary for each man to perform their pre-determined roles on planet earth.

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