Angels and Archangels (Part 6 of 7)

The second created cherub was Lucifer.  It is nice once you know that Michael is a Hebrew sentence rather than a name, meaning: the One who is exactly like God.  Whereas, Lucifer means: the light of the morning or the morning star.

The morning star is the Sun, which was the god of the Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Romans, and the Roman Catholic Church, which is why the Catholic Church has a Monstrance on their altars in which they perform the mystery of the Holy Eucharist.  A wafer that god supposedly enters into during the ritual ceremony for the people to eat, so god can get into their bodies.  This doctrine directly opposes the Bible, which tells us God is in every person, who gives people life.

The two cherubs were commanders put in charge of all the other spirits created, like Generals in the army. 

In Revelation Chapter 9, we see a war break out in the eternal world, called Heaven, before the creation of the universe.  The two cherubs lead the opposing forces against each other.  Lucifer lost the war, which resulted in Lucifer and all his followers being evicted from Heaven and thrown onto planet earth as a prison.

What Lucifer had no way of knowing is that God created Michael.  Then Michael, using the power of God, created Lucifer.  The argument was over who was created first and thereby the commander-in-chief of all spirits.

This is like having two siblings born to one set of parents.  If the parents do not tell the children who was born first, the children have no way of knowing.  In the case of Michael and Lucifer: Lucifer only had Michael’s word that Michael was created first.  Lucifer because of pride and lust believed God created him first.  Consequently Lucifer fell from the grace of God and became evil.

Eternity existed alone.  It was the only place that existed before the universe was created.  The war in Heaven fostered earth’s use as a prison to separate the evil spirits from the good spirits.  God used the earth to imprison Lucifer and his followers, known as fallen angels.

The earth was already part of God’s plan for His creation, but now it would first be used as a prison to isolate the fallen angels and Lucifer.  This happened long before Michael’s followers and Michael would be allowed to live on earth as human beings.

God’s plan for saving the undecided spirits who were not involved in the war in heaven, and chose to remain uninvolved, was sending them to earth also, but good angels would be needed to guide these undecided ones to chose God over satan as their king.  Therefore, the universe was created to house the planet earth.

Michael was put in charge of imprisoning Lucifer on the earth.  Lucifer’s fall from grace caused his name to be changed to satan, which means the adversary. (Grace means knowing God’s way of doing things.  Falling from Grace means to rebel against God’s way of doing things.)

To be continued…

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