Angels and Archangels (Part 1 of 7)

The most common angel depicted in the Bible is an ordinary human man.  By ordinary, I mean the man who is considered an angel is nothing more than a male human being; born like you and I, who will die like everyone else when his time comes. 

Contrary to Church teaching and popular belief, these angels are simply people God chooses to do specific functions on earth.  Seldom are these angels endowed with miraculous powers.  They usually carry messages from God to someone, and usually don’t even know they were sent by God to tell someone something.

These angels have no extraordinary appearances like light or wings; neither do they appear or disappear, but walk or travel like us to or from a destination.  When a human being is used by God as His messenger that person is an angel known as a Gabriel

The word angel originates in the Greek language and it means a messenger, it does not automatically mean a spiritual being.

When God decides to send a spiritual being, as an angel to help a human being, that angel, even though it’s a spirit, will take on the form of a human being that looks and acts exactly like any other human being that was born and has to physically die.  These type spiritual angels do not have to be born or physically die because they were either once alive as human beings and already died, or they haven’t yet been born.  Therefore, there will be no way to identify or recognize these type beings as angels of God.

The most confusing part about angels to the average person is the fact that Jesus’ birth accounts contain Jesus as both a human male baby in the flesh and Jesus’ personal spirit visiting personalities like His own mother and father in dreams and in person, shepards in the field, and leading the Wise men to Jesus’ manger where He lie in swaddling clothes.

These accounts defy the human brain’s ability to deal with the miraculous abilities of God; and so, religious leaders often err in their teachings about these events.

Teachers of the Bible often err by teaching: the angel of the Lord or the Holy Spirit are actually different beings than Jesus.  This common error occurs because these teachers, priests, pastors, and evangelists, are not well versed enough to understand the various names and titles ascribed to Jesus’ personal spirit.

Every spirit created by God the Father, who was the only living Spirit prior to His creation of all other spirits, is, was, or will be, someone’s personal spirit.  Every baby born on earth, through the act of procreation by human beings, has a personal spirit.

A personal spirit is your very own spirit.  It is who you are as you live on this planet.  All people ever born on earth have had an individual unique spirit implanted into their mother’s womb by God the Father at the moment of conception.  All the biological fathers that have impregnated their wives, girlfriends, mistresses, or prostitutes, have only contributed to the make-up of their babies flesh and bones.

The spirits that take up residency of all babies is directly selected and placed inside the womb by God the Father, which is why we call Him our Father.  This process includes the baby born to Mary and Joseph named Jesus the Christ.  There is a simple proof of this fact in the New Testament.

To be continued…

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