The Two Worlds (Part 5 of 7)

Crossing the Barrier

There are two worlds co-existing on earth.  Although the two worlds exist together, they are separated by rules God created.  Anyone forcing contact with the spiritual world becomes an enemy of God. 

The two worlds are referred to in the Bible by these two names: Heaven and Hell

Both these worlds begin right here on earth with the living human race.  The kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of Hell co-exist on earth.  They are not far away places in the universe or beyond; neither are they actual geographical locations on earth. They are the result of one’s belief: a state of mind.  A person’s belief, whether it is correct or wrong, hurls that person into their appropriate kingdom while they are living human beings.

People are sent to Hell.  People are not only sent to Hell after they die.  They can be born into Hell on earth.  If both parents do not believe God, all their children are born into Hell; but if one parent believes God, their children are born into the kingdom of Heaven.  This specifically means children born into Hell on earth, are born subject to demons or demonic control. 

This is why so many young children are evil.  Yet, children born to one parent that believes God are born into Heaven on earth, and are born totally protected against demonic possession until they are 21 years old.  Then the child must make their own decision about believing God or rejecting God.

Remember, the protection only extends against demonic possession and control.  Demons still have the right to influence everyone’s thoughts.  Therefore, the parents still have to teach the child right from wrong according to God’s Word, and not according to the world’s way.  Therefore, parents need a proper teacher of God to guide them away from the lies about God and His Christ.

A person’s kingdom can be changed, but only God and the person have the ability and the right to change their kingdom.  People can and must decide to change their allegiance from the devil to God before He will allow them to change kingdoms.  This is simply accomplished by making a decision to believe God, and making a decision to believe God depends on making a decision to believe what God or Jesus told the world, which is only recorded in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. 

If a person does not make a decision to believe God, then that person is automatically thrust into and becomes a part of satan’s kingdom, which is the kingdom of Hell on earth.

The two worlds co-existing on earth are:

  1. the material world we live in and,
  2. the spiritual world surrounding us.

The two worlds are made up of two kingdoms.  Both the spiritual world and the material world have two separate kingdoms each.  In the material world, a person is either in the kingdom of Hell or the kingdom of Heaven (the kingdom of God).  There is no middle ground here on earth.

Jesus said,

“He who is not for us, is against us.”

To be continued…

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