With Faith, you cannot sin (Part 2 of 3)

If thoughts only originate by you thinking, then how can you think about things you never learned?  And if you never learned about a particular idea or subject, then how is it possible to think about it?

The answer is: It is not possible for the human brain to think about anything it did not learn!  Yet, people get thoughts all the time concerning inventions, concepts, and temptations.  These type thoughts prove that most thoughts are not originating from the person getting the thoughts. 

This type of mental activity proves that people are not originating their own thoughts, but that the thoughts people are having are originating elsewhere and being transmitted into their brain.  This means human beings are not originating their thoughts; and if human beings aren’t originating their thoughts, then who is originating our thoughts?

The Bible tells us of two accounts that seem to be audible conversations occurring between two people at two different times in history.  The first conversation occurs in the Garden of Eden between Eve and satan (the serpent) (see Gen 3:1-5 and Rev 12:9 to prove the serpent is satan).  The second conversation occurs between Jesus and the devil (see Luke 4:1-13).

In these two conversations, between a human being and satan, which occurred with a 4,000 year separation of time, we see the spirit satan speaking with a human being.  This idea of spirits speaking with human beings runs throughout the Bible, but never actually confirms the idea that the spirit is actually speaking audibly.

Since Psalm 22 contains the prophecy and account of Jesus being crucified and dying on the cross, it contains Jesus shouting out to God just prior to his death.

Then Psalm 23 is the continuation of Jesus’ thoughts at the moment of experiencing death.  Yet, Psalm 23 can be erroneously understood to be an audible or verbal outburst from Jesus, when in fact it is Jesus’ thoughts as He prays to God while experiencing death.

There are several accounts in the Bible that seem to be audible conversations, when they are actual accounts of a person’s thoughts.  Therefore, the two conversations occurring between Eve, Jesus, and satan are not audible conversations, but conversations taking place inside the brains of both Jesus and Eve in the form of thoughts.

Since the Bible also tells us that Jesus’ Personal Spirit, which was released from His body when He died, became our Comforter, which is our Conscience, then it is no great wonder that we actually talk to a Spirit (our Conscience) in the form of thoughts.

Another proof of this fact is in Jesus’ teaching about prayer.  In Matthew 6:6, you can find Jesus telling us to go inside our brain using thoughts to communicate in pray to God, and not to use your voice audibly to pray. 

This is a profound proof that the human brain can communicate to the spiritual world, and the spiritual world can communicate to us via thoughts.  Therefore, the answer to the question, Where do thoughts originate?, which thoughts include: new concepts, music, inventions, temptations, and love at first sight, is thoughts originate from spirits projecting the thoughts into our brains.

This explains why so many people do things, whether evil of good is determined by the thoughts originating from satan or the Holy Spirit.

To be continued…

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