The War of the Angels (Part 3 of 3)

The only problem is the Bible tells us these two-winged angels are the angels of wickedness, and not angels of God.  There are no other two-winged angels in the Bible.  We are told these female two-winged angels, with wings like a stork, are the angels who oppose God!

Since most of Christianity – people and churches – flagrantly support these two-winged angels of wickedness in our faces – then we should know whom these churches really worship:  wickedness!  Since Satan is the angel of wickedness, anyone – any person, church, book, card or object, etc. – that bears these two-winged emblems of evil, is worshipping Satan!  It doesn’t matter if a person is conscious of worshipping Satan.  What matters is:  they are doing it, and God will not be mocked!

It’s like a bank robbery!  Three of your friends pick you up and without consulting you, they decide to rob a bank.  They tell you to wait in the car for them, using the excuse of being illegally parked if someone doesn’t sit at the wheel.  You sit waiting.  They come out, casually get in the car and you drive away.  The police catch you in the car.  You will be just as guilty as your friends, even though you did not know they were going to, and did, hold up a bank. 

Worshipping Satan is exactly the same.  The only problem is, Satan knows this and the world does not.  Therefore, most of the world is ignorantly worshipping Satan.  This is why civilization is degenerating to such low levels. Yet, the result will be the same for the innocent fellow waiting in the car for the bank robbers.

God will punish you for not knowing you are worshipping satan, because the Bible exists and everyone has the Holy Spirit (your conscience) in them from birth.  No one will have the excuse of being ignorant when they stand before God on Judgment Day!

The Bible tells us, worshipping angels is not allowed.  Anyone worshipping angels, whether they worship angels ignorantly or consciously, is guilty of breaking God’s commandments. 

It doesn’t matter to God whether of not a person believes in Jesus, is born again, goes to church, or treats their family well, they will be guilty of sinning for worshipping angels.

We see the Apostle John come in contact with Michael, who is the angel talking with John the Apostle throughout the book of Revelation.  Michael the Archangel instructs John the Apostle not to worship him, and to worship God the Father only!

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