The War of the Angels (Part 1 of 3)

Angels are depicted five ways in the Bible:  Cherubim, Seraphim, Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer.  These are the only names found in the Bible that identify angels.  Contrary to church teaching and popular belief, all these names are titles and are not the given names of specific angels.  All are actually Hebrew sentences and have definite meanings.

The word Cherub is a Hebrew word meaning “a warrior with a flaming sword”.  Seraph means “a minister sent to help others”.  While Gabriel – often erroneously portrayed by Hollywood and Church leaders as the name of a specific angel – actually means “a man sent by God” (that is any man God chooses to send to help living people would be labeled a ‘Gabriel’).

A “Gabriel” would actually be a Seraph.  Michael is also a Hebrew sentence, meaning “the One who is exactly like God”.  Therefore, Michael is not the name of some angel, but the title of a very specific angel.  The name Michael explains the job of the angel.  Michael is a Cherub.

Lucifer is also a cherub.  Although most people do not or will not agree, Lucifer was created as a very special angel.  Since he rebelled against the authority of God, who is Michael, Lucifer’s name was changed to satan.  He is also known as the devil, the serpent, and the dragon.

Therefore, only two groups of angels exist:  Cherubs and Seraphs.  Throughout the Old and New Testaments, there are many references to angels in various forms.

The most common angel depicted in the Bible is an ordinary human man.  By ordinary, I mean the man who is considered an angel is nothing more than a male human being; born like you and I, who will die like everyone else. 

Contrary to Church teaching and popular belief, these angels are simply people God chooses to do specific functions on earth.  Seldom are these angels endowed with miraculous powers.  They usually carry messages from God to someone, and usually don’t even know they were sent by God to tell someone something.  These angels have no extraordinary appearances like light or wings; neither do they appear or disappear, but walk or travel like us to or from a destination.

You may have even experienced this in your life.  Either you told someone something, or vice-versa, and later experienced not knowing why you said or did it.  Or perhaps someone did it for you and then admitted they didn’t know why they did it.  These angels are Seraphs called Gabriel.  

Seraphim refers to the name of the group and Gabriel is the title of one man, or angel, sent by God.  Cherubim is the name of another group and Michael is the title of one warrior.

Supernatural angels, that is, angels who were not born like men, are not often shown in the Bible.  When they are revealed, they are viewed by people who see them in various ways.  Isaiah saw Cherubim in a vision.  He said they were “wheels inside wheels and had four faces and six wings”.

Actual men and visionary six-winged creatures are the only good angels depicted by the Bible.


To be continued…


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