How imagination destroys life (Part 2 of 2)

One of the primary rules affecting the human race as a whole is the fact that evil spirits have access through thought to all human brains.  Jesus’ brain was accessed by the devil when Jesus was tempted after His 40 days of fasting.

The best kept secret in the world is that demons (the spirits of dead people who died in a state of rejecting God) have access to everyone’s brain.  Insanity is the most advanced condition of the confusion caused by what I labeled Demonic Influence.

Demonic Influence is called ‘imaginations’ in the Bible.  Demons influence the human brain by transmitting evil thoughts into a person’s brain.  There are no clues, types of sound, or relative instincts, which can assist a person in determining a thought is coming from the spiritual world.  Yet, all human beings know they have a conscience.

No one, including scientists, knows where the conscience resides, or whether or not it lives inside us or our brain.  The Bible teaches that our conscience is the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit that was once named Jesus – the male living human being that died on the cross.

The Bible also teaches that the devil or satan imitates the Holy Spirit and acts exactly like our conscience.  The only foolproof way to recognize or detect Demonic Influence of your brain is by comparing your thoughts to the Bible’s information.

The reason for this comparison is the Holy Spirit (Jesus) will never give you a thought that opposes the laws of God in the Bible.  Whereas, satan and/or demons will oppose God’s laws recorded in the Bible.  This is the process Jesus used when He was approached by satan who tried to influence Him to break the commandments of God.

Every time the devil tried to get Jesus to do something against the laws of God, Jesus quoted the Bible to defeat the temptations of the devil.  This is our road map to defeating Demonic Influence, but you have to study the Bible to know it and be able to apply it when demons begin bombarding your brain with thoughts.

Most of the demonic thoughts are subtle and not easily recognized, but if you know your Bible it becomes easier to defeat their vain attempts at getting you to break God’s commandments.  Yet, people ignorant of the spiritual world, or people who simply refuse to believe the spiritual world exists, become demons greatest victims.

The insane asylums are full of such people, not to mention the millions of depressed people in America.  All these people are suffering from confusion inside their brains, which human beings were not created to deal with: the terror of a short-circuited wiring system in the human brain.

The Bible actually tells us that we must ‘brain wash’ ourselves from the deceitful lies that the governments and religious systems of the world (including Christianity as a whole) have programmed into our brains.  Once these lies are washed out of our brains, then the human brain can be healed to become sound again.  Once people learn they can control every thought inside their brain, they can return to being healthy-thinking creatures as God the Father created us to be.

Imaginations are not a necessary part of a healthy brain, but are the downfall of any human being in the world.  We were all created with instincts, but knowledge has been the tool of satan to deceive and destroy us one person at a time.  Now we are living in an extremely confused world with people everywhere clamoring for information, trying to unravel the mess inside their brains, which human brains are full of imaginations!

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