Your physical and spiritual DNA (Part 3 of 3)

Jesus says the Father is a Spirit and you can only worship the Father in Spirit and Truth.

It was not the Word alone that made Jesus the Christ, but Water (the Word) and Blood (life; residence of the Holy Spirit).  This teaches us that Jesus was absolutely Human.

As Jesus is growing up, his parents are teaching him the Word of God and he has the Holy Spirit of God to help him. 

Water also refers to People; thus, the people crucify him, making him the Christ.

See Hebrews 1:10


The difference between Reason and Result is:

Reason: Jesus was born = to die

Results of the Reason: Jesus had to die =

  1. To defeat the devil (satan won the right to use the fear of death in the Garden)
  2. To deliver people from the bondage of the fear of death (through belief in the resurrection from death)
  3. To reconcile people to God their Father (through spirit and truth)

Born Again Process = keeping God’s commandments — the truth

Before Birth  —   Holy Spirit    

Alive on Earth   —  Process, then becomes Holy Spirit while he’s alive – Christ 

After Death —  Holy Spirit    

We are guaranteed we will be resurrected from the dead.  The Bible tells us the resurrection of the dead occurs three times.  Once during a person’s life, once after a person physically dies, and once after the Great Judgment of all the souls in hell.

The first time a person is resurrected from the dead occurs when the person decides to believe in Jesus, which actually means they’ve decided to believe everything Jesus tells us in the Bible.  The person doesn’t have to know everything Jesus said in the Bible.  They just have to make that conscience decision, and then work at finding out everything Jesus said we should do in life, which is recorded in the Bible.  Rejection of any single point Jesus told us constitutes the rejection of God and Jesus.  Rejection hurls the person back into the kingdom of satan while still alive on earth.

The second time a person is resurrected from the dead occurs after the person physically dies in good standing with God.  After death, the person goes into a state of suspended animation or sleep.  The person sleeps until Jesus awakes the person to help Jesus bring World War to the earth, which is the unleashing of God’s wrath upon the living unbelievers alive on earth.

The third time a person is resurrected from the dead occurs after all the unbelieving souls being punished in hell are judged at God’s Final Judgment, where some souls will be separated to be resurrected from the dead back to life on earth, together with all the souls the have been sleeping since physical death; while the other souls, who have blasphemed the Holy Spirit by teaching contradictions and denying the truths in the Bible, are judged at God’s Final Judgment, where some these souls will be separated and sent into the Outer Darkness forever, which is Eternal Damnation.

Christ is the Holy Spirit, your conscience. 

He’s alive inside you because he had not sinned while He was alive on earth.  God the Father allowed His only born Son to die on the cross, so that anybody who believed what Jesus told them would be saved from having to pay for their own sins after they physically die.

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