Your physical and spiritual DNA (Part 2 of 3)

Both soul and spirit are in residence within your mind, but there is a difference.  (The mind is not the brain and the brain is not the mind.)

Your brain is flesh.  It is part of your body.

Your mind is spirit.  It is not part of your body.

Your personal spirit, God the Father, and Jesus the Conscience, are all residing inside your mind as spirits.

With an Intention, the person has already decided to do what he thought (i.e. there is a Decision attached to the thought).

A Thought can be defined as “advice”, which means you have not decided to Act on the thought).

Thoughts are generated from the spiritual world directly into the human brain.  Thoughts may be generated from either side of the spiritual world — the good side or the evil side.  Therefore, thoughts may come from your conscience (Jesus) or from demons (satan).

You have absolute power over all thoughts.  You alone have the power to act upon or reject all thoughts.

Joint = air (i.e. separation between two joints)
Marrow = substance (i.e. something with power)

Thought = Nothing  (no decision rendered yet)
Intent = Something (a decision has been rendered)

The Word of God has the capability of Separating your thoughts from your intentions, your joints from your marrow, and your soul from your spirit.

The word of God (the Bible) is a Separator — it will separate you from unbelievers; thus, Jesus says: he did not come to bring peace on earth, but to drive a sword between all families on earth.  This includes nations, which are extensions of individual families.

The Soul and Spirit are interchangeable.  Yet, it is the adjective and/or context of scripture that determines if it’s referring to a human being or God the Father or Jesus the Holy Spirit.  See 1 John 5

Anyone who believes that Jesus is God’s child (i.e. the Son sent by God to accomplish the job of the Christ), is Saved: which is a very subtle doctrine.

The bible explicitly shows that Jesus was born by Water and Blood (i.e. he came into the world through his mother’s womb — natural childbirth).  Not by water alone (i.e. not by some magical or heavenly feat), but through the Bible as we must all accomplish.

The Spirit in this passage refers to God.

Heaven (spiritual realm)  Earth  (physical realm)  See 1 John 5:6-8

The Father = The Spirit = The Creator = The only One God
The Word = The Water = Jesus = The Son = The Bible = Ruach
The Holy Spirit = The Blood = resurrected Jesus = The Conscience

To be continued…

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