Human Identity, Subcultures and War (Part 1 of 2)

Every person on earth develops an identity.  An identity is the foundational beliefs of a human being.  Each person born on earth is subjected to the teachings of their parents, friends, neighbors, community, and teachers.  The information taught to the child growing-up forms the basis of their identity.  Every nation on earth controls the basic information children and adults will be permitted to learn and hear during their lives.  The basic information gathered by people within the same governments boundaries is known as a mentality.  This causes widespread differences between the mentalities of people from different nations.

Today, this phenomenon is readily visible in several parts of the world.  The Muslim has developed a different mentality than the American.  Their mentalities are different.  The Muslim is taught to hate the West, Christians, and Jews, while at the same time, polygamy is an acceptable way of life.  Whereas, the American is taught to tolerate the religious beliefs of a Muslim, which is not to hate them, but polygamy is an illegal act against God.  These two mentalities have been at the center of a social clash for a thousand years.  Each society is trying to impose their mentality on the other, which leads to war.

Mentalities are not limited to nation’s boundaries, but vary within the nation causing subcultures to rise.  Subcultures are simply add-on information to a particular person or group of people within a nation.  Evidence of this fact is easily seen in Israel, where the Muslim and the Jew are set at odds with each other: not because of their every day beliefs (because both peoples buy and sell) but because of the ideas and concepts taught to them by their societies.  The true basis of their conflict does not lie in religious differences, but in their territorial differences.  Both peoples’ leaders want to be the governors of their nation.  So, their struggle has power as its basis.  Nonetheless, this is evidence of a subculture growing-up within the same borders of a nation.

More proof resides right in the Untied States of America.  Since America is the melting pot of nations, we have within our borders people containing many different mentalities, because their individual mentalities were developed elsewhere on earth.  These people with different mentalities have brought their nation’s mentalities with them.  Some people are less rigid than others when it comes to what a person believes, which is that person’s mentality or identity.

Each human being searches out who they are from birth.  Since human beings can think and analyze information, and every human being possesses a conscience, every person becomes the ultimate last word on the development of their own identity.  On the surface, this may sound good, but if the only information they have been privy to is false, or just some of the information has been false, then that individual has allowed their identity to be built on a foundation of sand or clay mixed with iron: depending on how much false information was fed to, and accepted by, the person.

Entire subcultures have developed within the boundaries of one nation because of false information.  Most of the time these groups are small, but they can grow very large: and at times a subculture can grow so large that it takes over the entire society.  Then it becomes the main mentality underlying the foundation of the entire population.  This happened several times in nations like Iran and China.

Even the U.S. has undergone several changes in its mentality over its two hundred plus years of history.  The chief reason for the methodical destruction of the American Indian was that their mentality was diametrically opposed to the European Christian mentality of the invaders called the Pilgrims.

To be continued…

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