For Jews Only (Part 42 of 42): Study the Bible to get the right spirit

Study the Bible to show yourselves a true workman of God able to rightly divide the word of truth.  Remember, coveting is strictly against the Ten Commandments; and Jesus said, if you break the least of my commandments (which include the ten commandments) you are guilty of breaking them all.

The Gentile Christians are guilty of coveting the Jews.  In short, apply the teachings of good judgment and justice, as recorded in the Bible, and testified to by Jesus, and you shall be saved.

Now, if there be anyone else out there, that is struggling with Christianity, or Judaism, or right from wrong, or any other philosophy, or religion, and you feel you must understand more, then get in touch with us.  We will not demand you convert to anything, nor do anything, but if your spirit is searching for the truth, then you will know the truth when you hear it, because your conscience (who is Jesus the Holy spirit) will let you know it is the truth.

It then becomes your responsibility to the God who created you to accept that truth and reject whatever old idea is contrary to the truth and you shall be saved!  Even if the ideas in your head are part of the religion you inherited from birth.

And if anyone troubles you, pray to God, who is the avenger of all who call upon Him in their time of need.  Pray they would be saved also.  I will leave you Christians with this thought, whether you are a Jew or Gentile.

If you are moved toward hatred or disgust toward anyone who will not receive your religious message and believe they can only be saved by saying they believe in Jesus, then you had better realize that the spirit in you is different than the spirit who was in Jesus.  Then you need to focus on 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 verses 1 to 4, which explains how you got the wrong spirit.

Jesus was never angered or disgusted by the people who refused His message to believe in God; neither did Jesus wish them any harm when they nailed him to the cross; but He prayed to God for their sin to be forgiven.  In fact, His teachings were just the opposite.

Therefore, if you experience feelings to the contrary when your message is rejected, it is you who need the physician.  For Jesus said, the day will come when they will kill you and believe they do God a service, but I have not taught you such…

Remember what the Lord told Abraham: I will bless him that blesses you, and I will curse him that curses you.

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