For Jews Only (Part 41 of 42): The essential factor in love

Isn’t love keeping God’s commandments?

“If you love me, keep my commandments. Blessed is he that keeps my commandments, and teaches men likewise; but cursed is he that breaks my commandments, and teaches men likewise. He shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven.”

If keeping God’s commandments is the essential factor in love and loving God, then it is central to God’s salvation plan; and if the Jews reject the false Jesus being presented by the Roman controlled Gentile Churches, and keep God’s commandments, they believe in Jesus and are saved, even though they don’t know it.

It is not essential to say I believe in Jesus; but it is essential to do it…  I will show you my faith by what I do, said James the apostle!  It is the works of charity that fulfill all the commandments and the prophets.  Love is being your brother’s keeper.  If your brother comes to you naked and destitute and you do not give him his daily needs, your religion is worthless.

I don’t care what name you claim to believe; that’s the bottom line!  Jews don’t have to learn to care for others, they are doing it, but just look at the mess the Gentiles have made in the world.  Those are their brothers and sisters who are poor and homeless.

Where are the billionaire Gentile Christian Churches?  Take a trip to Israel.  I defy you to find homeless in the streets.  Don’t worry about the Jews being saved, worry about the Gentile Christians and their converted blind Messianic Jews!!!

My advice to you Jews, who struggle with whether Christianity is right or wrong, forget it, search your Bibles to see how to live your lives in peace with the world and your brothers.

My advice to you Gentiles, whether you are Christians or not, is to leave the Jews alone, and raise up your Messianic converts to teacher status.  Then listen to them or get ready to receive your consequences, which is the only reason Jesus is coming.

My advice to you Messianic Jews, who are sure that God called you out from amongst your nation Israel to become a bridge to the Gentile world:  Your sole purpose is to bring salvation to the Gentiles, and not the other way around.  Wake-up from the hypnotic spell the Romans have cast upon you, by using sorcery, intrigue, and murder.

The Gentiles have stolen our Jewish heritage, which is the kingdom of God Jesus brought to Israel.  Your Jewish Messiah Jesus, your Jewish Bible, and the good news Jews possess, have been taken from you by the Gentiles who have trampled them under their feet.  They are the thieves that have stolen your rightful heritage.  Leave the non-Christianized Jews alone.

My advice to Gentiles, who are neither Christians nor Jews, is to give up the lies pushed upon you by your perverted religious leaders and get the truth directly from your Bibles, concerning your fellow man and how to love God.  When you hate anybody on this planet, you’ve crossed over the only boundary God placed around the heathen.

For not all Israel is of Israel; neither are all Christians of Jesus.  For it is not whom you follow, or what you say you believe that will save you; but what you do that will save you!

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “For Jews Only (Part 41 of 42): The essential factor in love

  1. I agree with you about doing it instead of just speaking it. But my friend you need to check into how much the USA has and continues to give to Israel. The reason that you don’t have any poor in your streets is because of the billions upon billions the USA gives you people every year. We have supported your country since 1947. When Sadam was bombing you we gave you the equivalent of $10,000 for each person in Israel. Don’t preach to me how we don’t help, we have given you everything you have. What have you done for us. Uh ever???????

    • Marcus Maxis,

      I see you are named after a fine Roman Emperor.

      Concerning your comment: I don’t have to check into how much the USA has given and continues to give to Israel. I lived through it.

      And you are correct! Without the aid of the USA, Israel would have been defeated by its enemies long ago, but homeless people still would have never been found in her streets.

      The issue which I addressed was not political (which is what you responded to). My issue was a moral issue that America does not and never did take care of its people. Just ask the 300 million citizens who know.

      But if you want to debate the political reasons America has supported Israel, you will find that the USA only had its own political agenda for getting involved in the Middle East, and it wasn’t to save or help Jews. The USA is only interested in controlling the oil, which they knew was under the Middle East since the 1920’s. It is the same reason American soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the sole reason America backed Iraq in an all-out war against Iran, which cost thousands of American mothers their sons and daughters.

      My friend… Capitalism loves oil and $… which was my original intent about the moral issue of homelessness, no health insurance for the poor, and much more. Perhaps you love the idea that the U.S. government robbed its citizens of trillions of dollars to feed the thieves running the banking system in America. If you want to complain about billions of dollars, complain about the misuse by the American government and not the well spent billions that founded Israel.

      Perhaps you forgot your Bible, which says… He who blesses one of mine shall be blessed. Since America is blessed, it’s only because she blessed Israel. Otherwise, even you’d be homeless by now.

      And please don’t forget… Israel kept the terrorists off your backs until 9/11, and that only happened because America disregarded the warnings from Israel.

      Now ask yourself: Why would the politicians in America disregard Israel’s warnings? Look at what it cost you! Yet, I cannot argue about you being right concerning the billions America has given and continues to give Israel, without which money, Israel would collapse, and America would be Muslim!

      Thank you for your comment,

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