For Jews Only (Part 40 of 42): Why are the Jews referred to as the chosen people? – Part G

Nothing’s changed… besides it’s better than what the Gentiles are going to receive for doing it wrong, if that’s any consolation.  It’s the only role on earth that guarantees salvation.  Whereas, you Gentile Christians had better make sure your act is the right one, for the same guy that you claim to follow, said:  The Jews that fall over me shall be broken, but the Gentiles whom I shall fall upon shall be pulverized into dust.

What is dust, is dead; but what is broken can be healed.  Christian Jews have a very special gift from God to help the Gentiles believe the truth about Jesus, but don’t expect to be thanked for doing it.  Rather than worry about people hating you for doing God’s work, prepare yourselves for the slaughter.

Now, if Jews are sent to help the deceived Gentiles believe the truth about Jesus (the gospel), then there must be lies about Jesus; and if all the people who claim to believe in Jesus, and God, and the Bible, cannot find a lie about Jesus, it’s because they are the liars!  For salvation is of the Jews! Otherwise, Jesus was the liar!  And you Gentiles are following Him in vain!

If the Messianic Jews hide their talent your Father in heaven gave you, which is the ability to teach the truth about God and Jesus, you will be treated just like the Gentiles when Jesus comes, because you were sent to save them.  This is why the prophet Ezekiel said, If you see a man erring and you do not correct him, and he dies in his sin, you are guilty of his blood; but if you tell him to correct his error, and he dies in his sin, you are blood guiltless (not guilty).

Therefore, your own Jewish families, who think you are nuts, will be much better off than you on Judgment Day.  Each of you Jews has to learn respect for the other, which is love.

The Jew called to work for the Messiah in Christianity is not wrong, but is misguided until they give up the Roman lie that Jesus is God and the Scriptures will heal them.  The non-Christian Jews are called by the same God to reject the false Messiah of the Gentiles that is now presented to the world, even though they are using Jesus’ real name.

The Jews will be saved by their faith in keeping the commandments in their Bible; while the Messianic Jews will only be saved if they keep the commandments in the whole Bible and accept the truth about God the Father and Jesus the Son.  Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians must prove their faith by keeping God’s commandments.  Therefore both sides of the Jewish question will be saved by faith.  For the just live by faith.

The time has come for each of you to learn you are two parts to the same plan of God, which is why the book of Revelation Chapter 11 speaks about two olive trees.  An olive tree in the scriptures represents Israel or the Jews, and the Bible is telling us there are two parts of Israel.  One Jew is called to represent the Messiah Jesus for the Gentiles and the truth about Jesus and God, who are actually our long lost brothers known as the ten lost tribes of Israel.

The Church of Jesus is for Jews only!  Jesus threw the doors of Judaism open to all Men, because the Jews had made their religion a private club.  When God had intended them to proselytize the whole human race.  Jesus commanded the Apostles to search for the lost sheep of Israel.

Yes, the lost ten tribes of Israel, who were scattered amongst all the nations over three thousand years ago, were recalled back to Israel.  God called them out of the East, the West, the North, and the South, long before the Diaspora when Rome scattered the Jews of Jesus’ time around the Roman empire.

The Jews of today are from the three unlost tribes of Israel.  The ten lost tribes were Israelites, Jews if you will.  They are they who know His voice and follow Him.  The regathered lost tribes do not know they are the lost Israelites.

Thousands of years have separated them from the knowledge of their forefathers and from their God of Israel.  Yet, God had a plan for them prophesied in the Old Testament.  God did not forget them.  He just punished them for worshipping idols; but He promised to deliver them from the hands of Pagans who mistreat them.  He promised to gather them out of the east and the west, and from the north and south, into a new land.

This is a mystery I show you… the church!  It is the gathering of the children of God back to Israel into a new land called America.  Therefore the Jews called to work for Jesus are supposed to be gathering the lost Israelites back unto the Father.  The problem is the converted Messianic Jews don’t know it.  You are the kings and priests promised to reign with the Lord; but the Gentiles have robbed us of our heritage; and have made us believe we Jews must join them.

No! No! No!  Christianity is a Jewish religion and God was merciful enough to allow Gentile heathens to join us.  For salvation is of the Jews! Not the Gentiles!  Wake-up Jews!  The Thieves, who have taken God’s kingdom by force, have set the Jewish people against each other.  Don’t fall victim to the Gentiles.  Unite in love and judge not your brother.  For if you love your brother, you know God; but if you hate your brother whom you can see, how can you say you love God, whom you cannot see?  Liar!  You walk in the darkness even now, but you Jews are not the children of darkness, but the children of the light.

To be continued…

7 thoughts on “For Jews Only (Part 40 of 42): Why are the Jews referred to as the chosen people? – Part G

  1. I’m a bit confused by your info. Do you believe that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah?

    In the Bible we should remember that “Not all who spring from Israel are truly ‘Israel’ “ (Romans 9:6). There will be a ‘weeding out’ of the man-made state of Israel that stands today politically. I do believe the Jews will be divided once again…..until the Messiah (Jesus) returns.

    • Hi,

      The Bible teaches Jesus is the Messiah to Mankind, and not only to the Jews, but He is definitely the Jewish Messiah. The Book of Romans tells us that God cast away the Jews to bring the Gentiles to Him. This means the Jews work for God, and that the Jews would not be consumed nor lose their salvation. My writing is informing people that the Jews do not need the name Jesus to be saved, but only need the Word of God, which is Jesus.

      Too many Gentiles lay their hope of salvation solely on the name Jesus, which is a mistake (‘Jesus’ actually translates to ‘Salvation’). It is an error to lay your claim to salvation on the name Jesus because the New Testament tells us that only by faith can a person be saved and not by the word “Jesus”, which only identified the man’s body that once walked the earth as a human being. Faith is doing what the Bible told us to do in life, and not some idealistic idea forced on people like politicians spinning their webs.

      The essence of believing in Jesus is to believe the Word of God, which also tells us is the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that the middle wall of division was removed by Jesus, making of two peoples, one man. That is, the wall separating Jews and Gentiles was removed by Jesus 2,000 years ago making us all one people; but someone rebuilt it causing a separation between Jew and Gentile.

      Since the early church was a Jewish thing, It is the Gentiles that rebuilt the wall of separation. Stop thinking by two’s and realize we are all one, and the Bible, which is Jesus, which is the Word of God, belongs to all of us. The Jews do not need Gentiles to save them, since Jesus also said, “We Jews know what we worship, and Salvation is of the Jews.” John 4:22

      Thank you for your Question…

      P.S. Pertaining to the Messiah returning, He’s coming back to bring the wrath of God on Godless people according to my gospel. People had better begin searching for Elijah, since he alone can pronounce and announce the Coming of the Lord. I would trust him before I trusted preachers and priests.


  2. SO, as a believer and follower of Jesus, I am actually part of Israel, the real one, correct? But I truly believe that not only is Jesus the Word of God, but alive literally. And that He is needed by all people here if they want a connection to God, regardless of nationality. I agree that gentiles (people that don’t follow God or His Messiah) don’t need to make it their business to “save” Israel (God’s chosen children). It is confusing because the minute you say Jews I think about the literal nationality, which I am not. But I consider myself a child of Abraham none the less.

    • Joshua,

      I am reprinting your message so I can address it piece-by-piece for your understanding.

      SO, as a believer and follower of Jesus, I am actually part of Israel, the real one, correct?


      But I truly believe that not only is Jesus the Word of God, but alive literally.

      Correct again! Jesus died and God the Father glorified Him, which means Jesus became equal to God. Now God is inside everyone, and if Jesus is equal to God, then Jesus is inside everyone. The Bible teaches that Jesus sits at the right hand of God. Therefore, after Jesus proved Himself to live a sinless life, God could multiply Jesus’ spirit to live inside everyone ever born and alive after the cross. It takes a deeper study to prove from the scriptures that Jesus is actually our conscience.

      And that He is needed by all people here if they want a connection to God, regardless of nationality.

      People need Jesus to get to God. He is our conscience and He is the Word of God, which means people need the Bible and what is written in it to get to God.

      I agree that gentiles (people that don’t follow God or His Messiah) don’t need to make it their business to “save” Israel (God’s chosen children).

      Correct! The Jewish people do not need Gentiles to save them. They also have the Bible to save them, which is the word of God.

      It is confusing because the minute you say Jews I think about the literal nationality, which I am not. But I consider myself a child of Abraham none the less.

      I will try and remove your confusion. After the days of Solomon, the nation of Israel (who were the children of Abraham) broke into two parts. The northern kingdom of ten tribes (whom Jesus called the lost sheep of Israel and another fold of sheep the Jewish people of His time did not know) and the southern kingdom of Judah, which were three tribes. The ten tribes were carried away by Assyria as slaves. When Babylon conquered Assyria around 721 B.C., all the Jewish slaves dispersed into different parts of the world and became known as the ten lost tribes of Israel. These ten lost tribes became known as the Gentiles. The word Gentile comes from the French language meaning gentle people. They were not the heathens, who do not believe in the God of Israel. The ten lost tribes of Israel are the entire Christian movement. The prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled by Jesus after His death, which was ‘God would call His people out of the East, the West, the North, and the South’ into a new land of Israel. The new land of Israel was the Kingdom of God, which is not a land, but a state of mind (Christianity). Therefore, all Christians are actually part of Israel, born from the ancestors of Israel, which is the fulfillment of another promise that God would make Abraham the Father of many nations. So you see Joshua, anyone who believes in Jesus is actually part of Israel. The Jewish people are only the other part of Israel that was never lost.

      I hope this helps your understanding. If you have other questions just write and ask!


  3. I have another thing I would like to ask or rather say. First I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions so specifically. My next confusion is that you mentioned that the Jews do not need the name of Jesus (the literal name of the man who is the Lord) to be saved. I believe that the REAL name of the one we call Jesus or Yeshua is pretty much unknown at the moment, so Christians use the name Jesus or Yeshua in order to specify who they are talking about. But I see what you wrote above in a reply regarding people pushing the name Jesus onto the Jewish people. However, it does not seem to be the name of Jesus that many Jews are tired of hearing and being pushed to, but who Jesus actually was, which is the Messiah. I don’t think the majority of Jews on earth that read the Word read the entire Word (the Bible) because the New Testament is full of focus on the Messiah, who is the one we call today Jesus or Yeshua, who is the Lord. I guess what I am asking is, when you say Jews that don’t need the literal human name Jesus to be saved but only the real Him (the Word, and much more), do you mean the Jews that read the entire Word or the Jews practicing Judaism (who don’t read what you and I consider the entire Bible – the Old and new Covenant)? In rereading this question it sounds as if I am splitting hairs, but I promise you it is important in my head to unclutter the confusion.

    • Joshua,

      Good to hear from you again.

      First let me address the names Jesus and its Hebrew form of pronunciation, which is Yeshua. They translate into ‘salvation’ in the English language. The word ‘salvation’ cannot save anyone. Now let’s deal with the title ‘the Messiah’. It means ‘the anointed one’. The simplistic idea behind the title of Messiah is that God the Father anointed a human being (Jesus) with His Spirit to deliver (hence the name: Salvation) the human race from the grip of satan since Eve committed the first sin: giving satan access to all human brains from that point in time forward to the end of the world via thoughts injected into our brains. Jesus showed us this in the story about His temptation: where satan is injecting thoughts into Jesus’ brain, and Jesus is counteracting those thoughts by using His perfect knowledge of the scriptures, which scriptures were the Old Testament, because the New Testament did not yet exist!

      This not only teaches us how to resist satan by using the Word of God, which is Jesus; but it also teaches us that Jesus’ name can do nothing to save someone. Now, the twist in all this is that both Jesus (the actual being) and the Bible (the Word of God) can save a human being. This is only possible when a person realizes that Jesus is still alive and lives inside everyone on earth in the form of Jesus’ personal spirit having been glorified by God the Father after Jesus was murdered on the cross. The glorification of Jesus is the process of God the Father multiplying Jesus’ personal spirit into a limitless number in order to reside inside every living human being at the same time. Therefore, God makes Jesus’ spirit equal to God the Father’s Spirit, which lives inside every human being at the same time: hence omnipresent.

      This is why the Bible tells us Jesus did not consider it robbery to make himself equal to God; and that Jesus sits on the right hand of God. To sit at God’s right hand, Jesus would have to have his personal spirit multiplied into the number of people living on earth at any given time. Now, that being said, the next fact is Jesus became our conscience. The small still voice everyone knows exists inside us. Therefore, a person can be saved by listening to their conscience, or by listening to the advice given in the Bible itself. Either way, the person is being saved by Jesus, but this is not saying the name given to Jesus at birth can save anyone. Yet, the Bible does teach that anyone calling on that name will be saved. This is only true for people totally ignorant of the Bible’s contents. There aren’t too many people in the world that come under that jurisdiction, except the aborigines undiscovered by civilized man. This is how Jews are saved by doing the commandments of God as written in the Old Testament and/or their own consciences.

      Now, if Christians disregard their conscience and/or doing the written Word, they too will be damned! Hope this futrher helps you in your search for God.

      In Brotherly Love,

  4. Thank you for clarifying that. I have another comment to make regarding being saved by following the commandments and following conscience. I believe a person who is saveed will follow their heart or conscience and follow the commandments, but what does it mean when Paul talks about being released from the Law? Another thing is, since human nature, or the old self, tends to creep around the new self in order to destroy it, sin is something people will most likely encounter even after finding salvation. That being the case, if I sin, Jesus has the power to forgive me, and is willing to. I know people will stumble on their walk with God, I have many times, but I consider it a trial that makes me stronger in Him. The reason I say that is because I don’t see how perfect following of the Law is possible (possible but not really accomplished by man), isn’t that why Jesus’ sacrifice was necessary? To do away with our old selves, and our sin, instead of postponing our sin for a year? After we are believers in the Messiah, we belong to Him forever. I remember the passage that convinced me of this, off the top of my mind it was said by Paul I think, that our “house” will be tested, and if it is made of poor materials it will burn, but we will survive barely. Doesn’t this pertain to believers who don’t do exactly as God wishes, but are still his and allowed to survive? I want to be completely honest- I am afraid that I don’t belong to God anymore, that He has made an awesome plan for me (everyone too) and let me in on it personally to be a leader, but that He has taken it back for a reason I’m not completely sure of. I continue to refuse to believe this, I don’t want to doubt, because when God makes me a promise, I know it is going to happen. But I don’t know how to tell if I am His, still, or not..
    Thank you again for reading these posts and explaining it in simple terms. Pray for my clarification and most importantly discernment.


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