For Jews Only (Part 38 of 42): Why are the Jews referred to as the chosen people? – Part E

What is a Jew?  The oldest document known to Man, written on that subject, is still with us today.  It is called the Old Testament of the Bible!  It explains the only criteria for being a Jew.

The Bible states, a Jew is a human being that believes in the One God, the same God that Abraham believed; and that person, if he is a male of the species, will have to have the foreskin of his penis circumcised on the eighth day after he is born.

Whether he is a foreigner or born of Jewish parents makes no difference in the covenant God made with Abraham.  He must use judgment and justice as a life style and teach his family likewise.  The last part of the criteria is to teach his family judgment and justice.  Let me put them into a list for easy reference:

1.  Believe in one God who created all things.
2.  All male children must be circumcised on the eighth day after birth.
3.  Husbands must teach their family judgment and justice.
4.  Foreigners must be allowed to join the nation.

Let me clear up two important points here:

One:  The Bible goes on to state that anyone born into the nation of Jews, or a stranger joining the nation of Jews, who does not keep the rules, is automatically rejected by God from being a member of the nation and God will kill that person.

Two:  Today’s nation of Israel has laws on their books concerning, Who is a Jew!

The law of Israel totally bypasses the laws outlined in the Jewish Bible and circumnavigates the rules of God.  The nation of Israel will only accept a person as a Jew, if his or her mother was born a Jew.  Therefore, a Gentile mother married to a Jewish father does not spawn a Jewish offspring.  Only two Jews or a Jewish mother and a Gentile father can give birth to a Jewish child.

This is not only absurd, but also contrary to the rules of the Bible.  Their reasoning is, a child adheres to the teachings of its mother and not its father.  Therefore, a Jewish mother will instill Jewish belief into the child.  Whereas a Gentile mother will instill non-Jewish beliefs into her child, which makes the child a Gentile.

The Bible is clear on this point.  It states both parents can be foreigners and become Jewish.  Therefore, their offspring will be Jewish.  So, the Jewishness of a child is solely dependent upon the decision of the parents to become Jews and live as Jews, and the child’s decision when it reaches adulthood to continue believing in the one God of creation.  In this light, even a Jewish mother, born of two Jewish parents, could have decided to reject her Jewishness and live as a Gentile; which would render her children Gentile and not Jews.

The fact is, the covenant was given to Abraham and not Sarah; and it was Abraham’s virtues the Lord cited, which rewarded Abraham’s children by allowing them to be God’s children; and not because of Isaac’s mother, or her being Jewish; because Sarah was also a Gentile like Abraham!

To be continued…


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