For Jews Only (Part 37 of 42): Why are the Jews referred to as the chosen people? – Part D

It is this common belief in One God who created everything that has bound the varying races together into a perfectly woven nation called Israel.  It was the only nation on earth where strangers (foreigners) could become full fledged family members without ever being ostracized or reminded that they weren’t really blood brothers.  For no one was a blood brother!  That was the point!  Their blood tie was their common ancestry in Adam and Eve, and not the nation of their fathers.

Only one other nation on earth has taken the identical view toward his fellow man.  No matter what nation a person is born into, the United States of America adopted them, and they became full fledged citizens with all the rights of a home born son!

It is interesting to note the United States was founded during the days of the Spanish Inquisition of Rome.  The witch-hunts were conducted by the same people who protested a century before against the lies being taught by the Roman Church in Europe.  America began with the very same principles as Israel.

While other nations will let you come and join them, you will always be a foreigner amongst their ranks; and when the economy begins to slip, they will always blame you for it.  Although the United States was founded upon the same God of Israel, and the same principles of Israel, and the same Bible as Israel, it is beginning to show the earmarks similar to other heathen nations.

When this type of thinking emerges, let the Jews beware!  Most Jews who read this will be thinking, Not in America; I’m American!  Well the German Jews of the 1930’s had the same flaw in their reasoning.  It was their land.  They were German citizens.  Their families had lived in Germany for centuries.  They had just as much right to be there as anyone else.  I’ve heard every type of argument; but that didn’t stop Hitler’s ovens from consuming them.

Remember Abraham?  He had the sense to listen to God.  He believed what God told him.  He had the brains to get out of Babylon when the message came, before it was too late.  Even Jesus warned the Jews to get out of town when you see hatred on the rise (see Matthew Chapter 24).

Today’s Israel is seeded with Jews who couldn’t believe what I am telling you, until the citizens in their own countries turned against them.  This is similar to the days of Emperor Nero when he burned Rome to blame the Jews.

The Jews couldn’t understand it.  Their families had lived in those nations for centuries.  Yet, the Jews are always considered foreigners when trouble begins.  Scapegoats, because their belief in God differs from the other citizens of the land.

It is this difference that forged the new branch of the human tree known as the Jews; and it is this difference that continually causes the other branches of the human race, amongst whom Jews live, to vomit them out!

The first signal is poverty on the rise and a collapsing economy.  The last sign is the winds of war blowing on the horizon; when people begin to discuss the possibility of war.  This process is similar to the first heart transplants.  The operations were successful.  Everything functioned perfectly; but the body rejected the foreign part, and the patient died!

To be continued…

One thought on “For Jews Only (Part 37 of 42): Why are the Jews referred to as the chosen people? – Part D

  1. Dear Elijah,

    I see that you wrote “For Jews Only” in 1992. I have been following your posts and am blown away by the accuracy of your predictions. Biblical prophecy is absolutely precise when it is understood correctly!

    I read your prophetic “warnings” several times, which you wrote back in 1992. You knew what was coming and you tried to warn us.

    It breaks my heart to see that America’s refusal to uphold God’s commandments resulted in several catastrophic events – one being 9/11 and the other the economic depression, which we have not dug ourselves out of in spite of media propaganda to the contrary. I shudder to think what lies ahead for our country if we continue to disregard God’s warning.

    Thank you for dedicating your life to the Lord, for being a trumpet of truth, and for sharing your gift of wisdom with God’s children. I have been enriched and instructed by your writings.

    Blow the trumpet in Zion!


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