For Jews Only (Part 35 of 42): Why are the Jews referred to as the chosen people? – Part B

Two hundred years ago, God began another new nation of people based upon the same principle as Israel.  The United States of America came into existence by attracting people from all over the world.  Every nation under the Sun has contributed to the children born as Americans.  They too do not have one outward identifying appearance.  Yet, they are all Americans.  Different in size, color, and bone structure; but they have given up their original single mindedness concerning a nation built upon One God.  The God of Israel!

This is their mistake.  The singular principle defining Israel is and was their single mindedness toward their One God.  While America has sold their souls by tolerating foreign gods, just like King Solomon did to acquire wealth: and as King Solomon wound up depressed and broken by allowing foreign gods to be worshipped, so are Americans depressed, who will soon be broken if all Americans don’t return to the God of Israel.

If you have ever visited the land of Israel, you might have noticed the thousands of variations of Jews that live together.  Variations of people who traverse from black skin to very white skin, and all the shades in between.  Variations of people who swing from gray eyes to blues eyes, and from brown eyes to black eyes, and all the varying shades in between.

While the Watussi Negro in Africa are all seven feet tall, and Pigmy Negro were all three feet tall, Adult Jews scale from three feet tall to eight feet tall.  This proves there isn’t one definitive marking for all Jews.  The variations of people also run from Far Eastern Asian Oriental appearances to the Hindu people of India.  There are Negro people from many African nations.  European people from all the nations of Europe.  Arabic people from all over the Middle East, Northern people from Scandinavia and Russia.  The list of different races called Jews is as endless as the stars of heaven.  The conclusion is that the Jewish people are not a branch of the original tree, but a human stew forged by God and grafted into the tree.

A colony of people who herded together; who came from every other branch of the human race to form a new tree that would offer life to the other dying branches of the tree.  Hence, God was grafting the Gentiles into the nation of Israel, until the Romans reversed it.  God in His infinite wisdom, and knowing the future, gathered people from every race on earth to create a new race of people who loved God.

Then God purified the new branch through Jesus, and would cause an evil nation to scatter those people amongst the various branches of the human race for three reasons:

  1. To establish God’s judgment and justice in the world.
  2. To keep Rome from being able to root the Jews out and genocide  them.
  3. To give the Jews the ultimate privilege of following in their Messiah’s footsteps who was the Passover Lamb, to be the scapegoats who would be blamed and killed for the sins of the world.

The Jews would become the blood offerings, like the Messiah Jesus who was the firstborn of many who would be guiltless, yet persecuted and killed.  For which reason Moses the High Priest killed a lamb on the altar (signifying the death of the Messiah), and was instructed by the Lord to take another lamb from the goats (signifying the death of Jewish people).

The priest was instructed to take the goat to the edge of the forest, place his hands upon the goat’s head, and let the goat escape into the wilderness, while he said: may the sins of the world be upon you. Then the goat would be hunted and killed by the leopard with wings like an eagle, for the sins of the world.

For salvation is of the Jews! It is the will of God that Jews be sacrificed, like Jesus, for the salvation of the Gentiles.

To be continued…


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