For Jews Only (Part 33 of 42): The Witch Hunts Begin – Part C

Show me your faith in the written Word and I’ll show you your belief; for the just live by faith; and faith is keeping the commandments of God, which are the Biblical principles: but if the Biblical principles are not dear to you Jews or Gentiles, well don’t worry – you won’t be persecuted and neither will you get to heaven.

Believing in Jesus is not an audible statement of mouthing some religious phrases or the name Jesus!  It is the act of accepting the concepts handed down by God to Abraham, and from Abraham to Moses, and from Moses to Jesus, and from Jesus to us, and is written clearly in both testaments of the Jewish Bible, written by Jewish men, and ratified by the blood of the Jewish Man named Jesus.

A person making the conscious or unconscious decision to try and follow their conscience to do what is right, and make changes in their character, which is repentance, that person believes in God and Jesus.  Whether they know it or not is meaningless to God; whether they accept it or not doesn’t change a thing.  They will still receive the rewards God has waiting for them.

In spite of what Christians tell you!  It is the Christians who have their heads in the sand, not the rest of the world.  They seem to enjoy being deceived and the rest of the world knows it.  In spite of what Christians claim is the art of believing in Jesus, one fact remains landmark proof to the writings in the New Testament.  If you hate your brother, whom you can see, how can you say you love God whom you will never see… …and how will the Christians, who have always persecuted the Jews, explain to the God of Israel, that they hated Jews in the name of Jesus: or anyone else for that matter.

There hasn’t been a single major war on earth, in the last thousand years, that wasn’t started by the Christians!  Explain that one to God on Judgment Day!

The Jews believe in the Old Testament.  The New Testament wasn’t written when Jesus taught the things recorded in the New Testament.  Therefore, the Old Testament was the only Word of God in existence when Jesus taught the people of Israel to believe in the Word of God.

Isn’t Jesus’ name, in the New Testament, the Word of God?  Then logic dictates that if the Jews believe in the Word of God, then they believe in Jesus!  Even if the Jewish people don’t know it or believe it….  I did not come to save the righteous, Jesus said, only the sick need a physician.

People who do not believe in the Word of God are sick!  Even the Apostle James taught, a person claiming to believe in the Word of God says, I have faith; which is not proof of your faith; but your faith is proven by what you do because the Bible dictated you should do it that way!

Clean up your country Gentile Christians and your works will precede you into heaven, but if you don’t, they will sit in judgment of you!  For Jesus taught: the only outward sign to prove the false prophets have been at work in the land, is their followers would be sinful.

American children are disappearing in the U.S., not Israel.  Americans are hateful and rebellious to parents, teachers, and authorities.  Murder is a by-word on the News Broadcasts; dope and alcoholism are rampant in the streets, even amongst children eight years old!  Gangs terrorize citizens and conduct open warfare.

Gentiles need to save yourselves and your own children before they can claim to be Christians, the Jews don’t need your type of help!  Wake-up to the truth, Christians.  Jesus told you this outward sign would prove the false prophets are in control of your country and destroying your families and land by using his churches.

The only thing flourishing because of the false churches is your economy, which gives satan’s son, ‘The Antichrist’, the enormous amounts of revenue they need to hunt down and destroy the children of God.  Repent or something worse will come upon you!  Demand the truth from those preachers who have had your ears for the last thousand years.  Study your Bible to become a person worthy of God’s protection and provision.

Lord knows the Jews haven’t been teaching Americans and Europeans in the churches.  In a land where there is a Gentile Christian Church on almost every corner, crime is prevalent, blood runs in the streets and schools, not to mention the lives and families ruined by dope and alcohol, and the homeless and poor; which do not exist in Israel!  Those are the measuring sticks Jesus gave the world to measure the Temple of God.

The true believers of Christ are the Temple of God!  The men in the pulpits, who have taught you the lies of Rome, are responsible for destroying your heritage, and robbing you of your eternal life.

To be continued…


One thought on “For Jews Only (Part 33 of 42): The Witch Hunts Begin – Part C

  1. Elijah. You believe that the God of Israel inhabited Jesus, and that Jesus returned to that state and was glorified after death. YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN (a true follower of the Messiah) . You are also Jewish. I am any number of races, but I too am an Israelite by my following of the God of Israel. I follow the Messiah, so I can call myself a Christian. I think it would help if you clarified that being a Christian doesn’t put you in the same slot as those who pervert God’s Word. Those are false Christians, and false follower’s of the way. When I read your posts, I get the feeling that because I actually know that Jesus before and after he was on Earth is the God of Israel, makes me less than those who don’t care one way or the other about Him, but call themselves Jews. For all its worth, I will now call myself a Jew, because just as a rock can be raised to become a child of Abraham, a mut like me can also.

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