For Jews Only (Part 30 of 42): The Synagogue of Satan – The Roman Church uses Sorcery – Part C

The messengers God would choose from amongst His chosen people.  The Jews would be given the ability to understand the hidden mysteries in the Bible.  These Jews were chosen to do the same work of exposing the lies fabricated about Jesus.  They would then set out to teach those truths, as they are recorded in the Bible, and wouldn’t need a Bible to accomplish it.  They would also experience the persecution of Rome, which the New Testament explains is the result for daring to go against Roman lies spread about Jesus.

For Jesus, who is the Holy Spirit, would develop a personal relationship with that chosen person.  This would enable the Holy Spirit to use the person’s mouth.  Jesus alone knows the Bible and its cryptic language.  Thus, enabling the person to speak Biblical passages without memorizing them, but only the chosen Jew would know it was not their brain that had memorized the Biblical passages being spoken.

Therefore, the Apostle Paul admits he had nothing to brag about, for having the unique power of God to recite the Bible to others without a book and without memorizing the passages.  Therefore, Rome could never genocide the Jews, or to keep the truth about Jesus from reaching the world.

No matter how many times the Jews are offered as sacrifices upon the Roman altars of holocaust!  Rome had no way of knowing that the God of Israel had a plan; and that plan was simply based upon people hearing and believing the words written in the Bible; any words, cryptic or not!

Sorcery would not help Rome with this problem, since the last thing demons wanted was the Romans believing the truth about Jesus and the Bible.  Therefore, even the demons wouldn’t prepare Rome by revealing the truth about the Bible; and that the power of God is unleashed by simply hearing the words in the Bible.

Rome had become a victim of the lying spiritual world, upon whom it depended.  It was too late!  Rome had too much time and money invested in false Christianity to turn back now.  It would have to accept the fact that Rome would have to hunt down and kill all newly-born teachers of truth, concerning Jesus and Christianity, until the end of the world.  For their newly established Roman Catholic Church, founded upon the Roman Empire, could not easily be revamped.

It would take a thousand years to return to a state-controlled Roman Empire without Christianity as the basis of its New World Order!  Roman Churches began splintering into groups protesting against Rome’s lies about Jesus.

The Protestants were born.  How was this possible?  There were no writings available to instruct people about the truth.  Rome had made sure of that during the Crusader Wars.  There were no teachers left alive to carry on the work of Jesus.  Rome kept the Bible secret by writing it in the dead language of Latin.  No one could read it except themselves.

Rome had made certain that the actual Biblical information read to the people wouldn’t add up to one hour’s teaching per year, and that depended upon a person coming every Sunday.  (Compare that to the Apostle Paul teaching a group for 48 hours straight, without breaks.)

Rome quickly labeled the Protestants as heretics!  Rome controlled all the pulpits, which is the same as controlling the media today and yet they failed to stop true Christianity.  So, the witch-hunts began with the Inquisition!

To be continued…

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