For Jews Only (Part 29 of 42): The Synagogue of Satan – The Roman Church uses Sorcery – Part B

The new holy Roman Empire was ready!  The Crusader Wars were successfully behind them.  They had accomplished the complete genocide of the Jews reformed religion, and in its place stood the Roman Catholic Church with Roman bishops manning the pulpits.

Rome had taken God’s Kingdom by force, the original church, just as Jesus predicted to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, a thousand years before the Crusader Wars.  The Roman politicians were now in control of Christianity.  They worked feverishly to draft the Roman Latin Vulgate Bible.

The Latin Bible was to be used in their new church controlled empire.  A council of Roman politicians, now called Cardinals and Archbishops, decided which of the original Apostles’ letters would best serve their purposes.  The present day New Testament came into existence.  It represented only a small portion of the original written instructions to the original churches.  The Roman Crusaders captured the writings of the original Apostles of Jesus.

Remember, Rome could use sorcery to get advice from the demonic spiritual world.  Therefore, Rome knew any attempt by them to reconstruct the original writings of original Scriptures would easily be detected as frauds.  Since, no one can imitate another author’s style of writing, which style is quite unique throughout the Old and New Testaments.  This testifies to the author of the Scriptures being the same author.

Since the writings in the Bible span 1,600 years and the lives of many generations of human beings who were responsible for writing the Scriptures, it proves God alone was the One who inspired all those writers; causing them to write the Scriptures with an identical style, which is a human impossibility.  Therefore, Rome had to depend upon using the original Scriptures to deceive the world.

Rome erred!  They did not believe the God of Israel really existed!  They did not believe the man Jesus was anything special; especially not a representative of a divine Jewish God.  They believed Jesus was an ordinary man, who had started something that caught on!  Rome believed Jesus’ original Church was like any other movement started by a person, just like Spartacus or themselves, seeking to raise themselves up upon the shoulders of the people; like any other politician.  They believed His church was like any other man-made organization; and anything man makes can be stopped.  They believed the original movement caught on like so many other fads that come and go in the world.

A fad that suddenly takes root and spreads throughout the world often dies out when something new comes along.  Since this fad, known as Christianity, hurt Rome, and refused to die out, they decided to help it die out.  Then Rome could replace it with something new.  Something like the Roman Catholic Church!

Rome was ready to present its Latin Vulgate Bible to the empire.  The Roman bishops and priests were only allowed to speak a few words from the Bible for a few minutes at each meeting.  The rituals and sorcery would take up most of the allotted time and tire the people.  Thus keeping the amount of hand-picked, spoon-fed information, from the actual writings to the barest minimum.  Insuring no resurrection of Jesus’ Christianity would ever take place again.

Suddenly, in the 13th century A.D., after all the precautions, safeguards, and murders, an old problem began to haunt Rome.  Ordinary people attending their forty-five minute masses began spreading the truth about Jesus; that he was a man and not God.  They began spreading the truth about Jesus being the Son of God, and not God the Father!  They spread Jesus’ teachings.  They somehow understood the messages hidden beneath the cryptic language in the Bible.

Rome erred!  They did not believe a God of Israel existed.  Neither did Rome believe the Jewish book known as the Bible had power.  The same Bible the Romans used to control the world.  Hidden beneath the cryptic language and parables were messages revealing the truth about Jesus, the Jews, the original Jewish Church, the Roman Empire, and its transformation into the Roman Catholic Church.

Messages that revealed the future, as well as the past and the present.  Messages that Rome had no way of knowing they were delivering to the people around the world for the God of Jesus.  Messages delivered unto ordinary people who became messengers of God.  People whom God would choose from amongst the congregations hearing the Bible presented by Rome.  Rome had no way of knowing that it had unwillingly become the seed spreader it tried to stamp out of existence.

God’s messages that would serve to undermine the Roman Empire, over and over, until her utter destruction comes, which will soon take place.  Messengers born out of Rome’s own misguided dreams, who would survive all the holocausts wrought upon the world in vain attempts of Rome to stamp out the residue of God’s chosen people, the Jews who are always under Rome’s feet.

To be continued…


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