For Jews Only (Part 28 of 42): The Synagogue of Satan – The Roman Church uses Sorcery – Part A

Rome erred!  They did not believe there was one God of creation, since they evoked things to happen through many different rituals.  They believed in magic and the sorcery of Egypt.  They used the art of exact formulas to cause things to happen.  Their belief did not include one God who was in total control!  Rome learned their practices from Egypt; which was the Chaldean Religion of Babylon.

Rome’s use of religion had two purposes:

  1. They used sorcery to cause things to supernaturally happen, good and evil.
  2. They used their gods and rituals to appease that inner feeling everyone experiences that causes people to seek their God.

The Roman gods (the specifically named idols) were simply tools.  A tool to make people believe their leaders were the mediators between the ordinary people and the gods.  Rome had many centuries of practice, plus thousands of years of records from Egypt, to perfect their sorcery.

Sorcery is the use of formulas, any formulas, even repetitious prayer, which is used in every Christian Church of every denomination and non denomination, besides all other religions in the world.  Sorcery is the human connection to the demonic spiritual world.  The Roman practice of sorcery gives them access to new inventions, ideas, and solutions to problems.

Access to the spiritual world gave Rome the edge over other nations; maintaining control of their empire by the use of magic, not tricks, but real magic, which is abominable and rebellious to God.  The art of sorcery and magic was performed in Egypt.  God used Moses to perform three miracles in Egypt.  The Egyptian priests duplicated the exact phenomenon, turning a dead wooden staff into a living serpent.  Proving men can evoke demonic spirits who can produce phenomenon far exceeding the normal behavior of natural phenomenon.

This power is still used in Rome today.  It is referred to in the New Testament book of Revelation as lying miracles, signs and wonders performed by the false prophet, which is another name for the “Antichrist”.

The difference between lying miracles and true miracles is not that a lying miracle is a fake miracle, nor slight of hand, or a trick.  The lying miracle is just as real and supernaturally evoked as the true miracle.  The difference between the two miracles rests upon who performed the miracle: whether it is demons or God!

Do you believe there is only one God?  Good!  The demons believe, and tremble!  Rome used religious rituals (sorcery) and gods (idols) to control the masses; to dupe the slaves into working hard for a small portion of what their masters receive from their hard work.  Then their masters trick the public into giving two parts of their small portion back to Rome.  Thus keeping the masses under control and happy all over the world, until today; making the general public believe they’ve received a fair pay for a day’s work: while the masters actually take two-thirds of their earnings back again through taxes and churches.

Somewhat like the company store.  Where the worker had to buy what he needed, and the prices were calculated to relieve the worker of the nice high wage he thought he had received for his work rendered.  Yet, the company store was a devise to keep the worker working because his salary seemed fair; while the company store was owned and used by the boss to get those salaries back into his bank account.

Thus, the rich get richer and the poor remain poor.  It’s no different today, which is why King Solomon said, there is nothing new under the Sun; and Jesus said, the poor will always be with us… .

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “For Jews Only (Part 28 of 42): The Synagogue of Satan – The Roman Church uses Sorcery – Part A

  1. I’ve read that Rome had thousands of such gods which the people freely worshiped. Images made in wood and stone to which involved: the people bowing down before images of wood and stone, animal ritual sacrifice, drinking and feasting, fornicating with temple prostitutes, and other forms of “worship”.

    It’s easy to understand the immorality of the first century because it is pervasive in every aspect of our culture today. The Indians still actually bow down to images of wood and stone and pray regularly to demons whom they think are gods.

    I wonder if Paul would consider Movie production sorcery where imagination comes to life in the viewers’ minds for a brief period of time. During an R rated movie sequence probably all the ten commandments are regularly broken. A large number of movies and sitcoms it seems involve overt occult participation by the leading characters.

    Is this not similar to what the pagans of ancient Rome did? Are the masses still bowing before these images today?

    • You are correct! The entire world is steeped in Idol worship, in one form or another. The entire media industry has subtly invaded our brains by bombarding them with ideas the Bible warned us against. If you think about it, the first two commandments tell us not to have any images of God: our lives are inundated with images. The advertising industry has justified itself as a legitimate form of working, as Hollywood has, but they are only platforms of brainwashing human beings with filth and evil, which have the slow result of eating away at the fiber of morality: causing America, Western Societies, and now the entire East, to degrade themselves, moving ever away from God, which will bring a horrible reward from God.

      God bless you and your family for realizing the truth.


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