For Jews Only (Part 27 of 42): The second thousand year Reich (Kingdom) – the Roman Catholic Church – Part C

Rome wasn’t about to tempt fate again.  Therefore, they chose the most difficult cryptic writings coupled with their fabricated lies about the man Jesus.  They were sure the cryptic writings would confuse the masses, rather than teach them.  Then the Romans could control what they taught to the masses, by editing out any part of the writings they chose.

Since they were the only ones who would have access to the Bible, they made sure it remained solely in their possession.  Add this to the fact that Rome never allowed the Bible to be publicly circulated.

To insure outsiders would never read Bibles, they were only written in the Latin language, and only allowed to be read by priests and clergy of the Roman Catholic Churches and Eastern Byzantine Churches.  Only Roman clergy understood Latin, which is why the sign on Jesus’ cross was written in three languages: Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.  The Romans felt secure that these measures would keep the public from ever hearing the truth about Jesus.

Rome could now control exactly what was read to the masses in the churches; since no one could read the Bible even if they got their hands on a copy.  Allowing the masses to hear only specially edited parts of the confusing writings of the Scriptures, the Romans insured their security and empire.  Another form of security was reducing Bible readings to a period of five minutes during a one-hour Mass on Sundays.  This differs from the information in the New Testament, which commands coming together more often.  The book of Acts tells us that people assembled for daylong teachings from the Bible.

Rome further insured their empire by passing a law that made it a crime, punishable by death for reading the Bible privately, or anyone other than the Pope rendering an interpretation of Biblical writings; which is in direct opposition of the Apostle Peter’s commandment that no human being is allowed to be the private interpreter of the Scriptures.  Armed with these tools, Rome felt secure in allowing the world to be exposed to the Bible, whom they hoped to deceive in the name of Jesus: while they collected money through their church system.

The heartfelt offerings given by people in church, was the money necessary to maintain control of the world.  So, Rome allowed the world to hear small portions of selected writings from very difficult portions of the Bible.  Small portions of the Bible they believed wouldn’t effect the congregations or the people, called priests, delivering the messages to the masses.

To be continued…


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