For Jews Only (Part 26 of 42): The second thousand year Reich (Kingdom) – the Roman Catholic Church – Part B

Roman bishops using intrigue, greed, and the desire for power, caused the rulers of nations to easily be deceived.  Rome set the kings upon their thrones around the world.  Then Rome manipulated those kings to expend their funds by pitting one nation against another, which the world just witnessed during the so-called Cold War between Russia and the United States.

Rome used money, fear, threats, and greed.  Roman bishops would speak into the ears of kings and politicians to justify their ends.  Therefore, Rome had a vast army at its disposal and it didn’t cost Rome one cent to maintain those armies of the world; which Rome could use to wage the wars that were necessary to maintain their empire.  Thus enabling Rome to remove any king who dared defy Rome, or dared to defy Rome and do his own thing.  Hence, the New World Order was on the horizon, and at its head the Pope of Rome!

Rome had learned to never again jeopardize its empire; neither would Rome jeopardize its absolute control over the world; nor would Rome ever again jeopardize its beloved city by being on the front lines of a war!  Rome would never be seen on the surface as being involved in a war, while she was in fact the cause of every war waged over the last thousand years.  Rome would talk out of both sides of its face.

In secret chambers, Rome would cause information to leak from one nation to another, while publicly the Pope would speak out against war, crime, immorality, and the poverty.  All wonderful idealisms spouted as they caused all the wars, crime, immorality, and the poverty in the world.

Rome would offer the world an appearance of being holy and benevolent (non-violent); while underneath their dresses were blood stained hands.  The Red Beast (Roman Legions wore red capes) which carries the Great Whore of Revelation Chapter 17 (the Roman Catholic Church, whose Cardinals wear red dresses) is causing the immorality, poverty, crime and wars that have plagued the world for the past thousand years.  Rome has done all this in the name of a false Jesus Christ!

In the 15th century A.D., Rome was plagued by still another problem.  It had utterly done away with the original leaders and followers of Jesus, back in the 10th to the 13th centuries.  Rome had made the simplistic mistake of deciding to maintain its empire by offering the world a counterfeit form of Christianity.  Along with this decision, it was necessary for Rome to have confiscated all the writings that were kept at the various cathedrals of Jesus around the world.

These original writings of the Apostles of Jesus and their followers offered unlimited access to the secrets of what made Jesus’ reformed Judaism such a formidable enemy of Rome.  Instead of destroying these documents, they brought them to Rome, where they remain until today.  The availability of the documents would give Rome the much needed information to maintain an appearance of being the original Christianity, while they  would endeavor to keep true Christianity from ever surfacing in the world again.

The Romans believed that the total removal of all written information left behind by Jesus’ original followers, coupled with the killing of any and all followers who possessed that information in their heads, would leave the world void of the original information that nearly caused the extinction of the Roman Empire.  Yet, while their logic was quite correct, they were men, and men are prone to err; and err they did!

For in taking control of all the written information, including every known copy of the Scriptures in existence, the Romans believed the only road back from extinction was to duplicate Christianity.  They believed they could get their hands on the vast wealth of the people through donations rather than taxation.  It was this thought which caused Rome to err.  For in duplicating Christianity, they had to produce some sort of Bible from the original captured Scriptures.  So, they edited the Scriptural writings now in their possession.

The Romans chose the strangest, most difficult, unexplainable writings, as the information they would present to the world.  If Rome was going to play the role of Jesus’ representatives on earth, then Rome would have to simulate something convincing about the man Jesus.  Therefore, Rome decided to compile the Bible that now exists from amongst the thousands of documents available to them.  They did this rather than utterly destroy the sacred writings, which God entrusted to the Jews.

They would not dare reveal all the letters and writings more easily understood.  They would not dare reveal Scriptural writings that would clearly explain the teachings of Jesus and the Jewish belief in their God.  They would not dare reveal Scriptural writings that would unleash the power of God again.  Rome wasn’t sure how it actually worked, but they were positive the Scriptures caused it to work, and were responsible for destroying their empire.

To be continued…

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