For Jews Only (Part 25 of 42): The second thousand year Reich (Kingdom) – the Roman Catholic Church – Part A

The First Thousand Year Reich (kingdom) of Rome lasted from 45 A.D. to 1045 A.D.  It begins with Rome murdering Jesus.  It encompasses the destruction of Israel in 70 A.D., and ended with the Roman Crusader Wars on a quest to destroy Jesus’ Church!

The first thousand years saw the birth and death of the Roman Empire and Jesus, both of which have passed into history, leaving Rome in full control of an imposter church.  Church and State, opposite ends of the same serpent, of which Isaiah spoke.  One end equipped with a mouth full of poison (the lies) to devour its enemies, and the other end equipped with a warning device to detect and warn the head about its enemies all over the empire.

The church would deceive people seeking God and enable Rome to detect anyone opposing her.  The Roman State could remove anyone who was a threat to them in the furthest distant corners of its personal realm, the Roman Empire.

The Second Thousand Year Reich (kingdom) of Rome, from 1045 A.D. to 2045 A.D., began with the Roman Crusader Wars and ends with World War III.  It encompasses false christs like Napoleon Bonaparte, and a man named AdoIf Hitler, who claimed he was beginning a Third Reich that would last for a thousand years: The Third Thousand Year Reich (kingdom) of Rome. Curiously, the Gentile Christian Churches are teaching: when Jesus comes, he will establish a thousand year kingdom called the Millennium (which is Latin for a thousand years).

The second thousand years saw the Roman Crusaders crushing Jesus’ Church, their enemies, the original Jewish Christians.  Rome crushed the Jews under their feet, stamping them out of existence until the 14th century A.D. when Rome handed the reigns of the Empire to Portugal; who continued Rome’s work of rooting out the true followers of Jesus during the Inquisition.

The Empire was now firmly in their iron grip.  Rome had semi-retired from combat.  Rome decided to play out the rest of the thousand years like a shell game; keeping the world guessing which shell the pea was under instead of Rome trying to maintain the empire itself.  Rome put down the sword and picked up the Bible, which it had captured from the original men entrusted with the Word of God.

By keeping the cost down generated by their legions of armies, Rome could fill her coffers with gold.  The politicians of Rome, known as Senators, traded their military uniforms for religious garments.  Re-labeled, the Senators became known as Cardinals, while the Emperor was renamed the Pope.  Politics as usual, the rule makers continued ruling by using bribes, intrigue, and assassination.  Rome was now in the business of controlling everyone else’s politics.

The Roman bishops busied themselves with the conspiracies on a world chessboard that was only visible to people traveling in outer space called angels!  The Roman politicians did not retire from politics; they merely retired from directly waging war on their enemies.  Although they did not wage war directly, the Cardinals and Pope just maneuvered various world leaders into starting wars.

The Roman hierarchy replaced their costly military with the many armies of the rulers of the nations.  Beginning a Roman Confederacy of nations, each with its own army, to be allied against any common enemy of Rome.  Now the nations would maintain their own armies, thus reducing Rome’s direct cost of maintaining an army, while increasing its profits.

To be continued…

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