For Jews Only (Part 24 of 42): The Roman Crusader Wars – Part B

Rome proceeded to re-establish its third century empire under the disguise of Jesus’ Church.  The Eastern and Western halves of the ancient Roman Empire, which had began to collapse by the third century, were purposely established to reduce the cost of maintaining the empire in a vain attempt to keep Rome from collapsing.  The idea failed, but after centuries of ruin, the nations were once again in the hands of Rome.

The Eastern half of the Roman Church Empire was purposely kept separate from the Western half, making it easier for Rome to govern them.  The Eastern half of the new Church Empire of Rome became known as the Eastern Byzantine Orthodox Church.  In later centuries, it became known as the Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church: Two parts of the same Eastern half of the new Roman Church Empire, which remain with us until today.

The western half of the new Roman Church Empire became known as the Roman Catholic Church.  These two parts of the same Roman Church Empire, remain with us until today.  These churches are the Eastern and Western descendants of the Ancient Roman Empire.  These churches are the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17:18

The beast that thou saw was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit (hell), and go into perdition (everlasting damnation): and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

The Scripture above tells us about the Beast, which is “The Antichrist”.  It describes the Beast as having existed = ‘was’; as not existing = ‘disappeared’; and actually exists = ‘yet is’.  This describes the Ancient Roman Empire that existed, disappeared when it was conquered by the Moors, and yet exists as the Roman Catholic Church.

By the 16th century, the Protestant Churches grew out of people protesting against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Protestant Churches grew and held onto their beliefs for about a century, before Rome effectively infiltrated them with the intention of eventually perverting the Protestants. Remember, the Romans are extremely wealthy and don’t mind taking centuries to accomplish their work for satan, which is to undo the work of Christ.  Hence, their leaders have always been labeled ‘Antichrists’.

Slowly, Rome originated many of its own forms of Protestant Churches to confuse people, while they worked from the inside of the other Protestant Churches to bring damnable heresies into them to pervert them.  Today, the Roman Catholic Church has succeeded in causing every Protestant Church in existence to accept and teach at least some of their lies, which are perverted doctrines about God and His Christ Jesus.

It only takes one lie about God or Jesus to nullify the power of God, which is the objective of the Synagogue of Satan.  The label Jesus hung on the Roman Catholic Church.  The result is, original Judaism was perverted by Rome prior to the time of Jesus, which was purified and reformed by Jesus to become Christianity during the first thousand years after Christ, which was once again perverted by the Romans during the second thousand years beginning with the Roman Crusader Wars and the Roman Catholic Church Inquisitions that followed; which was once again purified by the original Protestants who protested against the lies taught by the Roman Catholic Church, which Protestants began their own churches, which Protestants were once again perverted by the Roman Catholic Church since the 16th century, and has remained squarely in control of all the Protestant Churches, Eastern Orthodox Churches, Western Roman Catholic Churches until now: all teaching the lies originated by the Roman Catholic Church.

Ancient Rome had risen from the dead, just like the man Jesus.  They would now use Jesus and the Bible to deceive the world; claiming that the Roman Church was the original church Jesus had established.  The Roman diabolical plot only had two grave differences that would emerge:

  1. Jews would now have to convert to become Gentile Christians to become a part of this fraudulent church system, instead of Gentiles having to convert to become Jews as a part of Jesus’ true church;
  2. The people would be deceived into believing two major lies. The Romans taught the lie that Jesus is God the Father by using their deceptive Trinity, instead of the truth about Jesus (the gospel), who was a man, who was the Son of God; effectively turning Jesus into an idol and idol worship.

The first and second commandments of God are about the making of any image of God and bowing yourself down to it.  Once the Romans convinced the world that Jesus is God the Father, then making an image of Jesus essentially forces people to break the first two commandments of God.  These lies would be the secret weapons of Rome, used to deceive the entire world, giving Rome the capability of tapping into the untold wealth that would be given as donations to the Roman Catholic Church by the people seeking to worship God; which wealth would stagger the minds of the forefathers and the emperors of Rome.

Julius Caesar had to be content with meager taxes, which were small by comparison to today.  Now Rome could rule the world, East and West, through the new Roman Church Empire that emerged in the tenth century, which controlled, controls, and will continue to control the buying and selling in the entire world.

The rulers of countries are established by Rome.  They are set-up or removed at Rome’s will.  Who is like unto the beast?  Who is able to make war with him?

To be continued…

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