For Jews Only (Part 22 of 42): The tenth century A.D. – Beginning the second thousand year Reich (Kingdom)

During the tenth century A.D., the last step of the Roman plan was launched.  Rome had completely resurrected its armies and the Roman Crusaders marched out all over Europe conquering and to conquer.  The Jews who were following the teachings of Jesus compromised with the Romans and had 600 years of peace.  The Jewish/Christians crawled out of their Catacombs and surfaced.  The underground days were over.

Jews everywhere throughout the Roman Empire surfaced; allowing their neighbors to know their true identities and beliefs.  Jesus’ original Christianity flourished everywhere for six centuries.  Huge cathedrals were erected with the blessings of the Roman government.  Taxes began flowing into the Roman treasury again.  The chief contributors were the giving hearts of the Jewish followers of Jesus.  No one suspected a double-cross.

So many centuries had passed without incident.  The martyrdom of Christianity was over, at least that was what the peace-loving Jews believed.  They compromised with Rome and would be double-crossed.  They trusted the bloodthirsty red serpent, which destroyed their Temple; their beloved city Jerusalem; and their homeland Israel.

They disregarded the predictions of Jesus Himself, recorded in the Bible.  Predictions they cherished and died to preserve.  The prophecies that warned them about the red serpent, Rome.  The Bible warned the Jewish/Christians that Rome would never cease killing the chosen people of God.  Rome belonged to satan, and satan’s son, the Antichrist, who would never relinquish power to the followers of God and Jesus.

The Jewish/Christians wanted to believe their enemy had repented, even though Jesus commanded them to separate themselves from their unbelieving enemies.  They hungered for peace, so the Jewish/Christians misjudged their enemy, who needed their money to rebuild an army to use against them.

The government would tax the people, build an army with the money, and use the army to control the people who gave them the money.  King Solomon said: There is nothing new under the Sun. The Jews didn’t realize their error until the trap was sprung and it was too late.  They didn’t realize time is a commodity that satan has plenty of.  He can wait six centuries, or a hundred lifetimes, to grab what he wants.  The Romans were ready!

To be continued…


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