For Jews Only (Part 21 of 42): The Jews compromise

The Romans would now have six hundred years to discover the secrets of their old arch enemy the Jews.  If the Romans could learn about the inner workings of the Jewish Church of Jesus, they could utterly do away with the original church, and replace it with a Gentile Roman Church.  Their plan was to parallel true Christianity, but two major changes would have to be established by Rome.

Two secrets about Christianity would have to be discovered, which caused the Roman Empire to collapse.  Once these secrets were discovered, then lies would replace the truth that gave Jewish people the power of God.  The Romans had to invent a lie about Jesus: which is why the truth about Jesus is such a prevalent topic in the New Testament, which is the gospel.  The Greek word gospel simply means truth.

It took the Romans 600 years to prepare for their final campaign against Jesus’ original church, which campaign would remove the power from the Jewish/Christian Church, and give it back to the Romans.

By the tenth century A.D., the Romans were ready.  They had successfully infiltrated and discovered original Christianity’s secrets and had a way to continue a false Christianity.  Roman Christianity would appear the same on the surface: but the world would have no way of knowing the Gentile Roman Catholic Church was really a counterfeit.  (See Revelation Chapter 2, verse 9; and Chapter 3, verse 9, which is Jesus talking about the Christian Church.)

The world would be deceived for a thousand years.  Christians everywhere would not realize the church of Rome was not the same church that Jesus originated in the New Testament.  They would use the same Bible, the same names, and the same outward appearances.  Rome could not defeat this unseen enemy.  An enemy that never bear arms against them.  The Jewish/Christians were an enemy who had a spiritual power working for them.  If Rome could discover the source of that power, they could deliver the final death blow to the followers of Jesus.

The first step was to make the Jewish/Christian movement believe it was safe to come out of the Catacombs and into the open.  Rome sent clear deceitful messages to the underground movement.  The Roman Emperor issued decrees!  All persecution of the Jews was to cease.  Rome wanted to embrace Christianity and make it the state religion, displacing the Babylonian Sun god religion, which existed long before Julius Caesar established the Egyptian form of that religion as the state religion of Rome.  The Jews agreed and compromised!

The second step was to add the citizens of Rome to the Christian roles attending the churches.  Thereby, adding the Christians to the taxation roles to rebuild Rome’s mighty arm, the Legions of Rome!  Instead of taxing Roman citizens, Rome would now tax the church leaders who were being made rich by the donations people gave to the church.

The third step of Rome’s plan was to infiltrate the Jew’s Church with spies; to  learn what made these Jews such a strong and unbending people.  A people who couldn’t be scattered or defeated, neither did they sway from their belief in their One God of Israel.  What gave them power?  What was really behind the Christian movement of Jesus?  Once these secrets were known by Rome, the fourth phase could begin.

The fourth step would be the utter genocide and destruction of original Jewish/Christian Leaders and any followers who wouldn’t swear allegiance to the new Roman Emperor, now known as the Pope.  The Jews were out in the open now, and corralled into known areas called cathedrals being allowed to freely worship their God, they could be easily identified, marked, and slaughtered by Rome’s legions. The Jews were now vulnerable to attack.  It would be easy for a Roman army to destroy the Jews and their religion!  The plan was executed and operation “genocide” was underway… .

To be continued…


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