For Jews Only (Part 20 of 42): The fifth to the ninth centuries A.D.

The Roman Empire continued its decline during the fifth and sixth centuries.  Its power over the world had been broken.  The Eastern Roman Empire severed its relationship with its Western counterpart.

In the eighth century A.D., the Eastern half of the Roman Empire not only seceded from the union to establish its own private empire, but later spawned the Moors, who were the forerunners and founders of Islam (better known as the Muslims today; in whose holy book, the Koran, it states: Jews and Christians will only be allowed to live if they pay us a tax, otherwise they must be killed).

In the eighth Century A.D., the Roman Empire had become so weak that it was impossible for them to support an army great enough to keep the Eastern half of their empire from seceding.  Shortly afterwards, the newly established Eastern Empire of the Moors felt strong enough to attack Rome in an effort to annex the Western Roman Empire to itself.  Thus dreaming of expanding the Moorish Empire westward by annihilating the Western control over the Roman Empire.

Rome was in real trouble.  Rome was now in danger of becoming extinct, and they owed it all to the thick headed Jews who refused to worship any other God except the God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; the God Jesus reconciled to the Jews.  The Jews called Christians.

During the eighth century A.D., the Moors launched a massive attack beginning in North Africa.  They conquered all of North Africa, wrenching it from Roman hands, who were too weak to defend their satellite nations.  North Africa was now in the hands of the Moors.  They forded the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and conquered Portugal, Spain and Southern France (for which reason the architecture of these nations remains Middle Eastern.  Spanish architecture is not rooted in Spain, but in Turkey.)  The Moors held their ground, but advanced no further.

Rome had survived once again; but she had been dealt a death blow!  Rome had received a fatal wound to one of her heads.  The western half of the Roman Empire was dead.  Her outposts were smashed.  Her territories ruled by another king.  Her allied nations were free once again.  The Roman Empire ceased to exist; except within the thick high walls surrounding the city of Rome.  The city remained intact.

Rome would be resurrected and come back to life.  The phoenix would rise out of her ashes.  This insignificant city perched high above the Mediterranean Sea upon seven volcanic mountains would rule the world once again.  Her heart had not been cut out, even though her empire lay in the hands of the Moors.

Roman leaders had enough time to come to the conclusion that the real culprits were the stubborn Jews, who were the followers of Jesus.  They had gone underground in the first century A.D., where they continued to survive and grow while undermining the Roman Empire.  Rome needed a new plan to survive.

It would have to discover the power of the Christians, and then re-conquer its empire.  The Christians would be their way back to supremacy.  These Jews known as Christians were Rome’s only hope of survival.  If Rome could infiltrate the Christians and learn how to defeat their power, then they could duplicate their system, and revive their empire.  All Rome would have to do is destroy the original Jewish Church of Jesus.

In the fourth century A.D., Rome had been so weakened by the reduction of taxes, that Roman Officials made a decision to compromise with the Jews.  Making peace with the Christians was an effort to regain the power of taxation by Rome.  A decision was made to stop all persecution levied upon the Jewish Christians.  The Jews compromised and Rome made Christianity their religion.

Once Christianity was the state religion of Rome, they could easily infiltrate, spy, learn, and duplicate it.  This deal seemed like a good solution to the Jewish people’s problem of persecution, but it gave the ruthless Romans a chance to rebuild their finances and armies, while they investigated Christianity under a microscope.  Their efforts paid-off.  They found out what made these relentless Jewish people such a formidable enemy.  In other words: If you can’t beat them, join them! An old saying that came out of this unholy historical event.

To be continued…


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