For Jews Only (Part 19 of 42): The second to the fourth centuries A.D.

The Roman Empire entered the second century A.D. as a much weaker form of government.  Its cash flow had been badly reduced. No money, no army!

This is a law that remains until today.  Look at the recent war with Iraq.  If the U.S. did not get the financial backing from the rest of the world’s nations, it could never have gone to war against Iraq.

Rome’s bank account was in bad shape.  The Roman Empire became so weak by the third century A.D. that Rome was too weak to stop a split from occurring. Rome literally broke into two separate empires early in the fourth century A.D.  Rome literally had two emperors.

One emperor ruled the Western Roman Empire from the city of Rome, Italy, and the other emperor ruled the Eastern Roman Empire in the city of Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey today).  Rome was losing its grip on the world.

The prayers of Jews, who lived before Jesus was born, who prayed for the destruction of Rome, were being answered even though it didn’t happen in their lifetimes.  A prayer that would be answered over the space of many centuries, but nevertheless their prayers were being answered.  Has God forgotten His people Israel?  God forbid!

Jacob shall never be consumed, that is what the Bible promised to His chosen people. What Jews don’t appreciate is the role their God chose for them to play during the first and second acts of the divine play entitled, life on planet earth.  Why despair?  The third act is soon to come.  Remember, the good guy always gets the girl and rides off into the Sunset, in the Jewish Bible!

By the way, the Bible hasn’t failed in its ability to predict the future of mankind and the planet earth.  So, put away your crystal balls, and put your money in the bank instead of greasing the palms of the fortunetellers.  They need your money to survive.  Sorcerers and fortunetellers cannot predict the future.  If you put your hope into horoscopes, your money would have better odds of winning at any racetrack.  In short, Jewish people had better start putting your brains in gear.  The brains God gave you, which is the reason the Gentiles hate you.

Bet on sure things instead of fantasies.  You would not put your trust is some quack when your health is at risk.  You would certainly search out the best medical brains available and leave nothing to chance.  Why not apply the same reasoning when it comes to the future?  The quacks have nothing but broken promises to offer.  Don’t forget the promises you were already promised by the quacks, that didn’t come to pass during your past history.

Then why place your faith in something you have proved doesn’t work?  God has not forgotten His people the Jews! Although Jehovah Witnesses, Presbyterians, and Roman Catholics are teaching people otherwise.

Obviously Jews have had a hard time throughout history; and many have died needlessly.  So what?  It’s their guarantee of being raised from the dead!  It was Judaism who gave Christianity the resurrection of the dead and not Jesus!  In spite of what the Gentile Churches teach, Jews will receive everlasting life for the role they had to play on earth to save the human race.  They will be resurrected from the dead and live again in peace! (Which is what the Apostle Paul wrote, “God made some vessels for honor, and others for dishonor.”)

The resurrection didn’t begin with Jesus, any more than baptism started with John the Baptist.  Jesus became famous for having been the one who proved it was possible to come back from the grave.  He received eternal life as His reward, and that reward is offered to the Gentiles because of their brothers the Jews, even though the Gentiles have stolen their heritage.

To be continued…


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